ICAD reveal and random musings from the past week

Enfolding Within

This was an old page, that I was reminded about yesterday, and when I went to look for where it was, I realised I had never shared it. It also sums up perfectly where I have been for the last week and so I thought I would use it for this post (despite the spelling mistake that is especially irritating to a spelling nazi, but I embrace that too :)). And it gives me somewhere to point someone too, so it is especially perfect!

Where has the last week gone??  Much of it has been taken up with a houseguest that has been here for over a week now, and is still here for a little while I think.  And he has brought some challenging issues with him, as much as we love him dearly.  The oldest friend of my beloved, friends since they were 6, and drifting at the moment.  I think I can safely say he is drifting, if not quite a drifter!!  :)

And I missed out on my dream job because my level of Maori language was not fluent, which still seems gutting when they were apparently more than impressed with what other skills I had and I had provided a solution, yet now when I think about it, it feels so long ago since the initial heartbreak when I first heard and the box of tissues I used up.  Maybe the decision was for the best with the benefit of reflection and perspective.  The difference in a week!

Yesterday I found out I had another interview, which was unexpected and gratifying at the same time.  Not quite a dream job, but perhaps that is better.  Though my confidence took a knock last week, and I had a moment yesterday.

I have had so many posts written in my head, and now I have time, I am filtering what to leave for another post (besides the two saved to drafts which were started, if not finished!).  Because there is also a tonne of catch up photos for ICAD.  Which I have done everyday, despite other demands around me.  Even on the days when I really wanted to sink into the couch and not move.

The children have both had at home days in the past week.  Only a few more days until the last day of term, and Victoria had a Mental Health day on Monday (which I saw coming last week, but with all the days off she has had this term with her asthma I was hoping she would last) and Sebastian is home with a cold today.  I woke up with the same cold, so I have allowed us today to be sick, and then it is to go tomorrow, because I have things to do and an interview on Friday.

I have felt really bone tired all week.  Especially yesterday, but I haven’t let myself get stuck there, I automatically think it is my thyroid and keep on going, making sure I have had the correct dose of my thyroid tablets in my head. Now I am sick, I see the tiredness was probably a sign, but now I always self diagnose it as my faulty thyroid.  I coughed once this morning and felt a popping my throat where it immediately began throbbing.  When I heard Sebastian cough about three minutes later and then give a little moan I knew he was home today as well.  I also wonder why it is that the children always get sick when my beloved is away for work.  Considering he is away every week, I guess there is a good chance of that happening, but I wish their bodies would plan better to account for my maternal limitations.  :)

And on for the ICAD reveal :)








6 thoughts on “ICAD reveal and random musings from the past week

  1. Poor you! You probably caught the new germ from your house guest ! I don’t think a lot of people realise how much a child being at home when our heads say they should be at school affects our “artability”. My boy is having what you beautifully describe as “mental health days” every week, and this week his 1 full day is a closed school day :S, which means I now have to take him with me for a hospital appointment :S Makes it really hard to “let go” mentally yourself and just art. Hope the interview goes well on Friday, and that your germ is a weak one :D XXX

  2. I really feel for you. Been having a bone tired week myself and I just don’t know where to begin to start catching up. Plus my middle daughter has had/is going to have 3 after school events this week what with school plays and end of term disco’s… trudging up and down that looooong road three times a day is a killer.

    I agree with Gina that your new guest has probably bought in germs. Hang in there – I’m loving your ICAD creations and they are a good place to vent :)

    • Hi Natasha, thank you for the comment left on my blog post. I hope you get past chapter 5 in The Artists Way this time, hopefully working through the book with others might inspire and keep us on track. I also have a habit of starting things and not finishing. All good intentions of course!
      Sorry to hear about the first interview, I’m sure your language skills would have improved with practice but their loss agh?! Good luck with the next interview & hope you feel better soon. Love the ‘bone tired’ description. That just about sums me up too.

  3. what a week you’ve had! job hunting is one of the most stressful and emotionally draining things in life. congrats on keeping up with the index cards. very inspiring on a night when I’m temped to go straight to bed!

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  5. Natasha, This set of index cards is fabulous. Apparently you are quite creative when hampered by house guests, rampant germs, time constraints and pending interviews. I’m picturing you patiently cutting up the curvy bits for the first card, and the interplanetary card is wonderful… and the snowman! We so need a snowman here in Texas. Cheers!

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