May Monthly Painters Challenge

Time has rolled around very quickly, and it is time for the big reveal for this months “Monthly Painters Challenge“.

The topic this month was “Breakfast”.  The first thing I thought of was my stove top espresso maker which we use EVERYDAY! I also thought about putting my thyroid tablets in, which I also have everyday.  I then thought maybe I should do my green smoothie, but I have been a bit slack about that for the last month, so my espresso maker it was.

Breakfast Saviour

I knew I wanted to do oils, and I started right away because I was not sure how I would go.  And I wanted plenty of time to revise my plan.  This is my first finished piece in OILS.  AKA like a proper artist would use!  :)  Once it cures, if anyone reading could tell me what I should finish this with I would be very appreciative.

I love this.  The background changed a few times.  I did have a paler background and I fought against the red, but finally when I painted the red in last week, I loved how that looked, I should have just listened to myself to begin with.

The perspective is a little off, I think I must have had it a little off each time I painted with it in front of me, and I did attempt to fix it, and I fixed the worst of it, but I like the quirky wrongness that is left.  The text makes me ridiculously happy too.  The whole painting makes me happy.

Breakfast Saviour


3 thoughts on “May Monthly Painters Challenge

  1. Fabulous “chunkiness” to this image :D did you use a palette knife like a “proper” artist too :D, and the word “forever” suggests this is your BFF Breakfast Friend Forever lol :D XXX

  2. hey there. i answered you on fb, but i’ll get you here too. i like to use windsor and newton dammar varnish for these.

    this looks great by the way.

    more than great.

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