Sharing ICADs and some late night musing

So far I have kept up on finishing a card a day, though a photo a day has fallen behind today! :)

ICAD 5 was finished late at night and I waited until yesterday morning to take a photo, but unexpected events took over and though I got the card finished, no photos were taken until today.


Icad 5


Icad 6


Icad 7

Last year when I started these cards I didn’t follow the prompts so much, but this year I have decided to.  Quite by accident, I did the first card and then saw it qualified as one of Tammy’s prompts, and I decided to carry on.  For the most part I intend to do the prompts. Though I am a little scared to make the declaration because once I do I am superstitious and think I am tempting fate in some way and something will happen!

And here we move on to my random musings and thoughts that are currently taking up residence in my head.  I have been having interesting conversations with a friend lately about taking this thing I do to the next level, coming up with a plan of sorts for implementing.  And it has been so, so useful.  And I have list I am working through and that is great and then yesterday happened.

Yesterday’s events may bring with it different opportunities that are exciting if it happens (and I am been vague not to create interest but because I don’t want to jinx anything or speak out of turn, but believe me, if it happens I will tell all :)), and yet I still want to continue with my original plan that I am making progress with. My action plan list.  This dream life I want, even it it changes shape some as we move through life opening doors that we come across.  So today, while doing other things I began making lists in my head. (So mindful and aware of the task at hand clearly!  :))

I was making plans for how I could still carry out my list if new opportunities come my way, and I realised how much time I spend in my head.  How much time that I waste thinking through possible Plan A’s, Plan B’s and Plan C’s and while sometimes that is useful, sometimes you just need to get on with things and not plan too far in advance because who really knows what will happen in the future.

I have a tendency to overthink.  To live in my head.  To go through and have an entire conversation with someone in my head.  I will say this, they will say that, I will say this…and to date, not one of those imaginary conversations in my head have actually taken place as I imagined they would.  And I know this, and have had conversations about it with friends.  Yet today, I was making contingency plans just in case.  Down to ridiculous details of when I would take photos and videos to get the best light, and I had it all sorted, this imaginary life.

Yet I don’t know if this new path is one I will even be taking.  It is very early days and yet I wasted a good portion of my day planning this out.  Maybe, next week I will find that this new opportunity was for someone else and not me, and I got to wondering about the time I had already spent planning just in case.  Time that could have been better spent dealing with the balls I actually have in my hands and air in front of me.

I resolved a while ago, not to have conversations in my head anymore.  And when I notice I am, I stop.  I don’t go there, because it is pointless, I am not a mindreader with psychic abilities that is able to predict what other people will say.  I know this from experience.

So, presumably the events in my head that I plan for just in case, that may or not happen, are the same.  And I resolve to stop them.  Or at least to stop when notice I am doing it.  It is a form of procrastination for me I think.  When things are getting real I get distracted by my Plan C’s, and I am not going there. Not anymore, or at least not for long.

I aspire to have tentative plans, but to respond to things as they happen, rather than plan for all possibilities and trust that I will have the wherewithal to be able to deal with whatever the situation is in a more mindful way if I am present to it, rather than if i have planned it out months before, only to forget in the heat of the moment that I have a plan anyway (which makes it all even more entirely useless!  :))

Gosh, if you have read to here then  I thank you.  Just writing this all out, has helped sort it out in my head, because I wasn’t even entirely sure what I was thinking.  Just a big jumbled mess of thoughts.

So progressing with Plan A, and if I need a Plan B I will deal with it when I actually need it…or even just revise Plan A!

Thanks, your listening has been a big help. :)


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