Celebrating Queens birthday weekend with some art

I have been sick for the last wee while, and had no energy and was really not flash, but I thought it was just a cold thing and so didn’t want to be a whining wimp who needed to harden up, so I carried on.  As you do, especially when your beloved works away from home a wee bit and there are two children who still want to be fed and watered and have their own illnesses going on.

So no naps, because that would be giving in to my laziness, and half steam ahead.  And then last week hit and I ended up in tears I was coughing so much, and could barely breathe and was getting very little sleep and I finally decided to go see a doctor (because I would hate to waste money on a doctor’s visit to be told it is a cold and there is nothing they can do…because I am cheap!), and it turns out I am actually sick.  And in need of antibiotics, and it is funny how hearing the doctor say that gave me permission to go a bit easy, and in fact I spent a lot more time in bed.  Actually listening to myself…not so good and could do with some improvement.  All life lessons.

But this weekend has been Queen’s Birthday Weekend, and we have had some glorious winter sun.  And this morning a butterfly looking very the worse for wear landed on me while I was doing the laundry.  Which was thrilling.

And the rest of the holiday weekend has been taken up with family, and family and charcoal and graphite and poetry and paint and my art journal.  Today especially the feeling of that winter sun on my face has given me a much needed vitamin D boost.

I am doing an art journal workshop with Tammy at Daisy Yellow, and have been loving the chance to just let go and play in my art journal without a lot less control than I normally prefer.  It has been a tonic on those days where I am so pulled in every direction to have some time to just play.  And Tammy is really so supportive and encouraging.  And there are some fantastic people doing the course as well, everyone is so positive.  I have loved it.  And Tammy introduced me to air brush acrylics which are akin to crack quite frankly.

And one of the really good things about Tammy’s workshops is that it is not about making pages exactly like she does.  She invites you to play, and then take it in your own direction, and really what more could you ask for.

Celebrating Joy

I had this background, and then I saw Dawn’s 10 minute journaling prompt this morning, and away I went!  10 minutes especially always seems very doable.  Once I got the song lyrics down, I had some ephemera I had made in Tammy’s workshop (:)), and I cut that up and added some more paint, and then I saw Victoria’s drawings on the table, and so I asked if I would be able to use them in my journal, because they just made me happy, and asking her made her very happy so it was a win/win!  :)  And this whole page came together so fast and made me happy so as well as celebrating the Queen’s birthday, why not celebrate some joy as well…

Autumn Journal page

A couple of weeks ago, while I was about to start dinner and what have you, I glanced out the window and saw the autumn light hitting the golden leaves on my favourite ginkgo tree and making them glow and I rushed out and grabbed this photo with my phone, which does not capture the absolute gloriousness of that sight, but still, I wanted to put it on a journal page and here it is.  I used to dread autumn, knowing it meant winter was coming, and the colours seemed so blah, browns and grays and cold.  And then I began painting, and it does something to your vision I think, because now I love autumn, the light, the colours – reds, oranges, yellow, gold, blues, (so much more than just brown and gray), and even our autumnal chill has a place in my heart.

And then my sketchbook has been out and the children and I have been sketching up a storm and there is something about having smudgy charcoal on my fingers that I just love.

Portrait sketch

Charcoal Sketch

Charcoal sketch

Portrait sketch
None of them I am entirely happy with, but there are parts of all of them I love, and there will always be room for improvement…or whats the point??  :)

So celebrating joy and art and winter sun, it has been a good weekend, even if coughing up your lungs is decidedly unsexy as a good friend told me today.  All part of the package.  :)



4 thoughts on “Celebrating Queens birthday weekend with some art

  1. Hope you are on the mend! I remember once being told by a doctor “you have the flu. go home and go to bed” and bursting into tears of relief – I’m not being a big baby – I have the flu!
    love your tammy-inspired journal pages! I’m hoping to do some more of her class exercises tonight.

  2. Wonderful sharing of your art Natasha…especially as you feeling so ill. Hope you get some rest, and time to recoup over the holiday weekend :D XXX

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