Putting on my big girl pants…

Today is busy, with the admin-y stuff that you can cross off your list and feel you have accomplished something useful.  And I am putting on my big girl pants and putting myself out there, because frankly I would hate to feel that people think I am spamming them, and so I never really push anything.

BUT…if you don’t know, then you can’t find me, or my stuff and so here I am.  I can’t spin this, that it is a public service announcement completely, but I also think that the information in this post can be of service to people, not entirely self promoting, so I can live with that a lot happier.

This morning I set up a link for a newsletter that will go out once a month, unless there is some super special announcement that you must hear about right away.  But in general, once a month.  It will be filled with links to any videos I have done, some pictures of arty stuff, book reviews, new listings and discount codes, and links to things that are good and art-filled, not just spammy about me and selling stuff to you.  I really want this to be a helpful kind of newsletter.  I have notes, copious notes on things I want to do, and have done since the start of the year.  But notes are not getting it done, so there over on the side panel >>>>>>>> is a sign up box, and I would be super excited if you signed up (you can imagine squealing, because actually when the first person signed up that is just what I did).  I am super grateful, with a big heart that you would take the time, so thank you in advance.

Now, if you have been reading the blog, (which reminds me I will need to update links), you will know I have done a couple of classes at Flutterbye.ning.com, which I am not linking too, because it is about to close, but I will link to the fabulous Amy that covered the costs of the ning group and provided the space for free classes.  She has decided to cancel the ning group and her classes will be found over at her website (linked to above) and her Facebook page over here.

As a consequence, I have started up a Facebook page (last night), which I would be super happy if you liked, over here.  And my class info will be found over there, as well as information on art I am creating and things going on for me and all sorts.  Because I am stepping up and putting on my big girl pants.  And believing I have something of value to offer.  (And really hoping that I am not completely delusional with a big head that will leave me stuck inside for ever and ever.) My Facebook page is also over on the sidebar, just to make things easy for you!!  :)

AND, I will also be setting up a separate blog for the Texture for Beginners class (in fact I set up the blog last night and now have to upload content), and putting the Altered Books Class somewhere as well.  Announcements will be made in the newsletter…sounds so professional!  That makes me give a little clap in a geeky kind of way.

And in other news I am busy painting.  And looking after sick children that seem to act as a tag team and trying to shake a cold that may sometimes feel like the plague.  And playing in my art journal. And dealing with video editing issues, and migraines and puppy toilet training and puppy “operation limit destruction”.

I have a tonne of these art cards on the go, about to look for shapes and find whatever wants to be found.


And I have these WIPs in progress…all big canvases…so far just using up paint on my palette and general mark making, but getting ready to go in and find some shapes.


And a close up:

WIP close up


And this one, which is what happened to this picture in the post! Still in progess…


And an oil painting I have started for the next challenge over at the Monthly Painters Challenge, but one I cannot show you until next month!

And a number of art journal pages in various states of undone-ness!


4 thoughts on “Putting on my big girl pants…

  1. yay for the newsletter, yay for facebook, yay for all that you are achieving YAY for big girl undies and GASP at that beautiful artwork!!!!

  2. hooray for big girl pants. you are not even remotely delusional! I’ve been loving your altered book lessons and have been trying to make time for the texture class as well. you’ve got lots to offer :)

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