Stepping out and ignoring my crazy fears

Sooo…I had intentions to be back much earlier than today, and then life got busy and things happened (excellent stuff and then some freaking heart bruising stuff) and my baby has had bad asthma, and I have been busy, and really, I was scared. So I did my usual of procrastinating myself into overwhelmed panic and didn’t know where to start or what to write about.

But here I am on this chilly Saturday morning as my boy-child has gone off to rugby, and my girl-child is rugged up on the couch, with what I think maybe every spare blanket we own.

So where to start…

I have been painting with oils…which frankly scare the bejeezus out of me, because I have stupid blocks in my head that only proper artists use oils, so a good friend gave me a pep talk and sent me on my way, and I am happy with the progress, though there is some fixing to do. But oh my gosh. It was not nearly so hard as I had in my head. Though I still love acrylics.

Oil painting portrait wip

And I opened an online shop! Which is super exciting. Pricing is super scary though, but I went with my gut which makes all decisions easier to live with I think. And I have more things in progress to be added, and I am hoping to add more smaller pieces each week, and that will just be super exciting. AND there is a link at the top to where you can find my shop, and a few things showcased, and on the side bar you will find another link, because I am making things as easy as possible for you to find me. And all shipping is FREE. No matter where you are. Free shipping. And so far all originals. ORIGINALS. I feel the fear and I am doing it anyway!

So I will see how this works out, but frankly nothing will get sold if it is not listed, so I forging ahead. Taking action rather than just thinking, and writing and talking about it.

So just to pimp myself a bit more, here is another link to the said shop and some of the ORIGINAL items that are listed.

Mixed media painting titled "Finding Strength"

Painting titled "Zombies Love Too"

Painting titled "Standing in truth"

A Day at the Beach

Painting titled: Out of the shadows

Painting titled "Jumping over the moon"





I have also decided to enter a juried exhibition. That makes me feel sick with fear that my pieces will be laughed out of the exhibition and also feel excited and goosebumpy. And really how will I know what will happen unless I try, so I open myself to the gifts of the universe…both good and bad. The two paintings are both acrylics, and they are big. 50cm x 60cm. And I loved working big.

They are the final result of my Flora Bowley workshop paintings I did. And I have quite a few more big canvases in progress, so it will be exciting to see what emerges on them. Her process matched my expressive intuitive painting style so much, and like any great process, my stuff looks like mine, not hers, so I recommend the workshop to everyone.

Here is the painting titled Fallen Angel.

Blooming True Layer 9 #2 (Fallen Angel)

And a close up:

Blooming True Layer 9 #2 (Fallen Angel) close up

The second painting is titled “Birthing new selves”

Blooming True Layer 9 #1 (Birthing new selves)

And a close up of the juicy textures and layers:

Blooming True Layer 9 #1 close up

And I am busy filming and editing my online class Texture for beginners which is really choc-filled with a lot of experiments and information (said in a very non-conceited and non-wanky way). And when it is finished will be a tome of techniques (at least that is the intention). I am currently filming my catch-all video, which I have decided to split into more manageable sections, but the class is hosted over at Flutterbyes, which has some great classes and tutorials by some great teachers who are all so willing to share with us and all FREE.

And I have other video tutorials, and journal videos to edit and upload.

And I am behind on my online classes I am taking, so I need to get caught up on those.

But I have done my blog post and am crossing this mammoth toilet-trained puppy off my list.


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