Inspiration Deck

Despite my pulling back into myself over the past couple of months there was still something I managed to discover, join and complete.

I have LOOOOONG had a hugely strong admiration for Christine Mason Miller, and have both of her books, and I adore both. I will do a review but Desire to Inspire is unlike any mixed-media book out there and I love it though I have barely scratched the surface yet. I have bought sets of Christine’s postcards and framed some and sent some out to people I love. I treat her first book, Ordinary Sparkling Moments as a bit of an Oracle. If I need something I can turn to a page and there is the advice I need. And I have won some wall art from her and a bookmark. And I have received her little whispered words of wisdom that she has sent out into the world. I think she is fantastic and inspiring and most importantly real. Always real.

So…when I read about this project over here I signed up. Not five minutes later I read this and took it as a sign, considering my general malaise I was in at the time (forgetting the fact that I have subscribed to both blogs in google reader!) :)

So, I decided to take photos of everything I did for the blog, and then never got anywhere near posting anything on my blog, but today is the day. (The sheer number of photos may or may not have put me off, so here is the mother of all posts).

You could use these cards for anything, and I have made some more, on cereal boxes, that I have pasted quotes on and all my contact details on the back and I am going to send out a little art card with every piece of work that I sell or giveaway.

The first thing I did was get a pack of cards.

Then I glued them all on to some scrapbook paper I had.  Using cereal boxes is actually easier, because then you can just cut out the cards without worrying about cutting around the cards at the end.  For the swap it specified cards so I resisted the urge to use something else, and besides I had a couple of packs ready to use up!  :)

Then I sanded the glossy coating with some VERY rough sandpaper, which left the coolest gauges and scratches in the cards.  I normally use a finer sandpaper, but I loved how the rough stuff worked.

I then put on a coat of gesso to give the paint something to grab on to…

And then I put on a layer of acrylic gouache as a quick base layer.

And then another couple of layers of acrylic paint spread with a credit card.  And I doodled quickly with crayons and charcoal, just mark making.

And then another layer of acrylic paint…with some paint drips.  And some stamping and some of alcohol ink spray over stencils.

And then I grabbed some more paint and some texture stamps from around the house and added a few more stamps for good measure.  And a few of the paint splatters I love.

And then I went on the search for quotes.  I decided to focus on art and creativity quotes.  And then I copied them all into a word document and changed the font and printed it out.  All ready to be cut out and glued onto the front of the cards.

And I cut all the cards back out and punched the corners with a corner roundy punchy thing, which I am in love with.  And then I went around the outside of the cards with walnut ink, and after I glued on the quotes I went around them with a stabilo marks all and then I sprayed them all with a matte varnishing spray.

And there you have it.  I also printed out my contact details and stuck them on the back.  I love how they came out in the end.  And I did two decks, so I have kept one for me.

And then I have made more cards to send out as mini art inspiration cards.


4 thoughts on “Inspiration Deck

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  2. Oh yay! And these as well! {I just visited the other inspiration deck post.} Thank you for giving me the perfect idea for something I was looking for the perfect idea for! xx

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