A test and crossing things of my list!

I don’t know why, but apparently I work much better with a deadline.  5 years ago, just after my daughter was born I made both the children Easter baskets/crates.  All decorated with soft toys, ribbons, cheap ghastly yellow chickens and handmade felt carrots. 

And they have been getting increasingly tattier. Last year I intended to re-do them but never got there, and felt terribly guilty about it on Easter as I saw them sitting there.

A few weeks ago I decided to do them for this year, and didn’t actually get them down until yesterday.  They were needed that night, so the deadline was looming, but they got done.  I even let children help (in controlled areas!). 
The boxes are adorned with their names in their favourite colours, and Sebastian pronounced me the best artist parent he knows…:)


AND I want to see how the WordPress app displays when I write a post on my phone!


One thought on “A test and crossing things of my list!

  1. sebastian is really kind with his praise, is he not? because all of those other parents that he has… they might beat you out?

    silly boy(:
    happy easter.
    eat their candy.


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