Sinking into the openings and announcements

School and kindy has been back for my little ones for less than a week. Summer holidays are over. No more lazy mornings. Now it is up and dressed and cajoling children and breakfasts and lunches and life. And chores. And work.

And oh my gosh my to-do list is VERY, VERY long. And so I stay away to try and get it all done, because I have self imposed deadlines for things, but sometimes it pays to come here and say ‘mercy’. What I was going to announce is not ready to be announced.

And I am giving myself a break. Taking it easy on myself, and trying very hard to not feel ick about it. Because everything is enough for right now.

And if I push myself too hard, it will not come from a healthy place.

So instead I am here making announcements and then back to my to do list to make it happen (even if the thought of saying I am overwhelmed is scary).  These little plan changes are real life.  Summer holidays happened.  And puppies were born. (and what an experience that was!)

Now to  work my arse off.  :)  Painting.  Making and editing videos.  Creating.  And painting.  And reading and researching.  And planning.  And doing.  Especially the doing.  I have much more to come my friends.  And I am not waiting until it is perfect.  I am doing it with what I have when it will be good enough.

But first…the link to my first live class (someone did ask…I am not spamming).   And a big thank you to everyone who came and put up with noise issues.  You are all appreciated so, so much.

I have tried to embed it, but that is not working, so here instead is the link.

And I have started my first oil painting.

Communing with Nature

Only the first layer, and it takes a long time to wait for things to dry which is a good lesson in patience for me.  But I am excited.

And now announcements.  Drum roll if you please… :)

29th February… 2012…

I will be opening an online class on Texture for beginners.  No finished spreads or pieces.  Just a simple, back to basics class on creating actual and implied texture in our work.  A little treasure trove of information for those who have never picked up a brush and before and don’t know where to start.  The class I wish I had had, a few years ago now.

And hopefully some reminders for the more advanced, of forgotten techniques.  So 29th February.  More information will follow…but this class will be FREE.  Free, Free, Free.  And will be found here.

And also on the 29th February I will be launching an online shop to sell my work.

And to repeat, none of this will be happening on the 14th February like I planned.  But the 29th is lucky. Especially the 29th February 2012!  I feel it in my bones.

And there are a myriad of other little bits to be done.  That have made it on to a to-do list.  And they will get done as well.

And I just feel like a new wave of energy is opening and I am sinking into it and riding that wave.  I have crazy inspiration all around me, and good friends who make me laugh.

And life is good.

Thanks for visiting, and for reading all this if you have made it down to here.  I am beyond grateful for all of you.  :)