Video for Creativity Quote #2…

Here is the video…delayed but completed!  :)

I have been finishing videos for the altered books class, and working on this, and self portraits, and helping assist in the birth of puppies.

And so it is delayed.

And I have been working on something else as well.  That I am super excited about.

But I am not going to announce that today, because I am a big tease.

But in the next few days check back, because I have something to announce and I am excited about it.

Really super excited.

But in this time of summer holidays and puppies, I have not been keeping up very well with facebook, or blogs or anything else, but I will catch up soon.  There had to be some priorities set however, so I could fit everything in.

And my computer is still dead.  Potentially with all my daughters photos on because I do not back up anything.

But I am crossing my fingers they can get that stuff back.

Because the thought that I have lost EVERYTHING on that computer makes me feel ill.

I am currently working on a windows machine.  I miss my mac.  Stupidly miss it, like it is an actual person almost.

I have decided this is a lesson in attachment, and I am hopeful that if I can demonstrate this lesson well enough, the powers that be will approve, and will save all my information…

Don’t forget to check back in a couple of days…:)

For my announcement!  :)


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