Introducing my art journal intentions for 2012

Starting with a Vlog…:)

I was going to put the link here to Rhomany’s Coptic binding class at, but it does not look like it is currently offered over there, it is over at, the information for that is here.  The class is Cryptic Coptic, and honestly she makes it so easy to understand, it is fantastic!

So every week I will have a spread dedicated to an art or creativity quote.

That will be here on my blog every week.  And I am thinking there will be a quick video to go with that of me doing the spread as well.

As well as that I will have another journal that I will work in everyday inspired by Judy Wise.

AND another journal with a weekly self portrait, or representative portrait, or maybe a poem, but something every week to represent me.

All explained in my rambling in my VLOG!  :)

Happy New Year everyone.


4 thoughts on “Introducing my art journal intentions for 2012

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