Nanojoumo Finished!

I am so pleased that I have finished Nanojoumo.  Completely.  Even an extra day, because I loved the prompts so much, and I wanted to finish them, and I also wanted to finish on a lighter note than the previous day has turned out to be.  So my last day is just an explosion of playing.

This month has had some rough moments and having this has given me the opportunity to work through things where I have had to.  To get the crap out of my head.  And some days, I have been much lighter in my approach, one of the reasons I love art journaling is that it is so adaptable.

Nanojoumo 20

:)  This page is an example on how we can have an issue, and work it through until it is a non-issue, because looking at this page I can’t even remember what motivated it now.  But that whole spread has journaling underneath it, so there must have been something.  And the picture is odd.  But that is where I was at that day clearly.

Nanojoumo 21

This page is very simple.  And clearly the day before I had resolved all issues.  I am in a headspace at the moment of saying yes to any opportunities that come my way even if they terrify me, and even if life is a bit messy, and this was the motivation behind the page.  And that strip along the side is some of my homemade scrapbook paper that I punched circles with.  I am a hoarder and kept the strips!  And the colours worked well on this page.

Nanojoumo 22

She has gotten a little bit raggedy since I did her, and before I took the photo, with all the opening and closing of the book.  I like that look and think it suits her.  She is not perfect at all, and the worn look adds to her.  I did her one night, playing with my prismacolours, and I had forgotten how much I love them.  I also put the front of a card I was keeping in, because I wanted to remove it from my use it or throw it pile.  Finally there is some progress with that collection!

Nanojoumo 23

The prompt for this was “And” and as I got down the first couple of layers of paint I wasn’t sure what the page was going to be, and on the table was an alumni invite to a lecture at the law school, and I grabbed the photo from that and stuck it in,  my son had a transformer tattoo up there as well so I grabbed that, though he told me later it was upside down, I like it.  And then I decided the page could be the bits in between that fill our lives, and so I grabbed bits around me that were laying about.  Some coffee dyed muslin, a bit of an old screen door I was using as a stencil. The quote from under my coffee at my favourite cafe, a blue flower left out from my daughters crafting, and the card that came with my prize from Christine, and the affirmation card.  (There is another post coming about that).  And the page got filled up.  As do our lives.  I love how it turned out in the end.  There were moments though that I wondered what on earth I was doing!

Nanojoumo 24

This page I started with a clear picture of what it would look like in my head.  Oceany, with a submarine window, and I had an image I wanted to be looking in through the window, and it wouldn’t happen.  And bits got painted it over, and I really don’t like this page.  It was so laboured over.  And a reason why the process of painting should be more important than the outcome, because I think if I had just let my idea go originally I could have pulled this together, and done something else entirely.  I was going to gesso over this page, but this is what I did for that day.  And a record of my utter frustration.  And there are lessons in this page for me, much like life, often our biggest lessons are when things do not go as planned.

Nanojoumo 25

Around the outside if you could be bothered you will find 108 beads.  Inside the page will be 108 things I am grateful for.  I have not finished my list, but I am over halfway.  I just haven’t gotten back to it yet.

Nanojoumo 26

This page was painted purple while I still had no idea about what it was going to be, and then once the background was finished and it did look a little like a deluge, along came the journaling.  Fast and furious and almost without thinking and the page was finished.

Nanojoumo 27

The prompt for this was recycle, and it surprises me even now, because my beloved tells everyone I am a raving hippy.  I make my own cleaning products, I use soap nuts instead of laundry powder, have a kazillion essential oils for a kazillion of reasons, make my own skin creams and lip and feet and everything balms, and even cold balms for the children.  I make whatever I can.  I love feeling like a mad scientist and knowing that I know what is in what I am using.  And I am a nazi about recycling and disposal of what we use, and how we use our resources.  It is important to me.  And I had an idea about this page, but when I went to get the supplies I saw the pile of stamps I was keeping from when I used to do ATCs, and so I “recycled” them instead.  Soaked them off the bits of envelope they were on and glued them on to the page.  I am not so sure this counts as recycling, but it worked for me.

Nanojoumo 28

This page was quick and simple, and says it all really.  Sometimes it is important for me to remember.

Nanojoumo 29

This page was going to be a bit of a to-do list, of everything that I need to get done and finished up, but while I was painting the background, I saw this instead.  So my to-do list was recorded elsewhere :)

Nanojoumo 30

Technically this should have been my last page.  I did the background, and the red flower is something that Victoria brought home from kindy for me.  She loves getting boxes and containers and filling them with stuff (sometimes rubbish)…sometimes literally rubbish, and lids and sticks and leaves and bits and giving them as gifts.  All taped up using a roll of tape.  The kindy loves her creative side I am sure, though I know she also makes the teachers gifts, so maybe not.  But this flower was in one of my gifts that she proudly gave me a little while ago.  And she squealed when she saw it on the page the other day, so I am glad I used it.  And there was a lot of journaling, and the result of this journaling caused me to do something to help resolve something that had been bothering me, so I am pleased about that.

But this page was quite heavy going, and so when I saw the prompt for the last day, I saw it as an explosion of colour and fun, and thought that would be a much better way for me to end the month, so here is the final page.

Nanojoumo 31

And I am adding this to the Just Journals Link Party that can be found here.


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