BIG announcements

Wow.  This birthday month of mine has seen me living my word of the year, much more than at any other time this year.


Putting my blog out there.  On my personal facebook page where my family can see it.


Making the commitment to do what it takes to be a thriving artist.


Making my first vlog.


Collaborating on an ONLINE CLASS.


And yet that is what is happening.  In this month as my birthday fast approaches I am putting on my big girl pants and getting brave.

So BIG announcement.

FREE, yes FREE Book Altering class over at

There will be two lessons a week from both myself and Amy.

And it will all be free.

We are hoping people will spread the word and the class will be a creative juicy hive of community and learning and sharing.  Where everyone has access.


Huge exciting.

My first online class.

And despite the price tag, the value of this class is amazing.

Because we want people to get inspired and creative and to not have to worry about cost.

We will be altering books together.  Little treasure troves of inspiration.

So sign up.

It opens tomorrow….

Amy already has free live classes each week that are usually recorded.  You can find out about them here, and why she is holding them.  Read the post, because it gets to the essence of who Amy is and why I think she is so freaking incredible.

And guest teachers are coming on board as well…like Manon Visser this Friday (or Saturday if you live in New Zealand :))

Here is Manon’s information about the class.

FREE is taking on.  Free and VALUABLE, no strings attached FREE.

This is a world I am happy to be a part of.

Come join us.





2 thoughts on “BIG announcements

  1. I have been thinking about you! This is so exciting and all that you are doing and sharing (and being big girl BRAVE and awesome) just light up my soul! Is it too late to sign up? I’m crazy with projects but wow … I want to learn more :)

    your journal pages rock and now I am itching to dash to my table and get messy busy!

    xo Lis

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