Nanojoumo Days one to six…

This year I am doing Nanojoumo in my handbound journal (!).

just before I started I was thinking about this book I had when I was younger called (I think) “The Lettering Book”.  I am not even sure you can still get it, but I loved it.  Loved it too death until all the spiral binding fell apart.  I remember I saw this older girl with it the first time and I wanted it, and when I got it from Father Christmas I was beside myself happy.  And so I was thinking about this book and when Nanojoumo started I thought I would concentrate a bit more on my lettering, so there has been more emphasis than I necessarily would on lettering styles, but it has been fun.

Since I have a day ahead of Dawn (who is facilitating Nanojoumo) the first day of November was promptless, but on the other days I have followed the prompts.  It has been such a good practice for me.  I am so busy at the moment, or I feel busy and it is quite grounding to just play, and write and take some time out for me.  You can see some days I felt a need to write more than others, but it has been so useful to my stress levels to make sure a page is done each day.

Here are my first six days (with close up detail shots…be warned :))

Day one:

NaNoJouMo Day 1

Day two:

NaNoJouMo Day 2

Day two close ups:

Day three:

NaNoJouMo Day three

Day three close ups

Day Four:

NaNoJouMo Day four

Day Four close ups:

And look what appeared all by itself so I outlined it, and it seemed appropriate it appeared on the Hopes page!  :)

Day five:

NaNoJouMo Day five

Day five close up:

Day six:

NaNoJouMo Day six

Day six close up:


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