My first VLOG!!!!

Exclamation mark city, because taking a video of yourself and putting it out there is just scary.

And it is one of the most infuritating things to keep recording video to have it disappear into thin air.

Thankfully I have had good comments from the first two people to see it, so I have not pulled the video and pretended it did not exist :)

‘Bravery’ is my word for 2011, and this definitely felt brave.


7 thoughts on “My first VLOG!!!!

  1. photo booth ALWAYS eats my shit.
    i have to record directly to iMovie, and i am positive that i am prettier in photobooth.
    You are very pretty, and your vlog is great.
    plus, i wish i had an accent.

    i don’t.
    i just sound disconcerted.

  2. Oh darling! What a GIFT you are! First off … you are NOT rambling … you spiral your way into beautiful observations. I love your work and your connection to your process. You’ve really juiced me up for the day :) I am finishing up a postcard sized series and I absolutely love your women and hearing/seeing your process. Now I am rambling … because there are so many parallels (yes, I have some odds and ends from scrapbooking stores … and I am recognizing THAT is not my thing … well, yet … And I too have journals that I decide will be my sketch journals, but then I don’t sketch a lot – yet!)
    Sigh. See … you need to keep going because there is sooo much to talk about and sharing. And by-the-way, if you look like a hippo, it is an anorexic hippo. I could look and listen to you for hours! So share more. I am so excited to have found you (well, you found me … was it through sweet Jane?) … okay … off to paint now darling because, well, you’ve just topped off my creativity tank and I am ready to roll!
    much love, xo Lis

    hmm … what music to crank up? ;)

  3. Watched right to the end Natasha, Ms Amy made me come here (well ‘suggested’) pleased I did, the accent is cool, you are very brave, I loved the painted girls & the sketchbook… you should do more ‘life’ drawing you have an amazing way of doing really strong sketches, breaking down the shapes & getting great results… funny you talk about scrapbooking, I thought I’d like to do that at one point, I’ve still got a draw full of unopened bits & pieces LOL… do you know I thought a Vlog was a Swedish person’s blog?? This is so much better :)

  4. Natasha…. what an awesome job for your 1st video! Cant wait to see more. Your art is wonderful and those faces…… their expressions were each quite perfect!

  5. Natasha, Here I am watching you on a rainy, overcast day in Texas and your video and your smile are so refreshing! I like that you painted the girl with the wild hair and now she’ll be upside down. And your sketch work is wonderful, full of interesting lines and shading and emotion. I like your words, “You make do with what you’ve got.” I watched to the end, brave girl!!!

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