Street Art Exhibition Inspiration


We went away for the weekend, and while reading the local rag I discovered that there was a street art exhibition on, where they had brought street art artists from all around New Zealand to paint the backs of buildings and you could walk around watching them work.  We went around on the first day, and I really thought I had taken more photos, but clearly you will see I didn’t!  I know on a couple I felt a bit embarrassed taking photos, so maybe that was the case for more than a couple as it turns out!  And some had not yet been started when we first went around.  But still this post is chocka full of photos as it is.

Before Photos:

I persuaded my beloved into going back on the second day to look at the progress, and oh my gosh.  Some of the works were just knock your socks off inspiration that took your breath away.  Some of the artists were really happy to talk about their process and I was so filled up.  I was looking forward to the weekend away, but this just made everything perfect.  Such a well organised exhibition on the face of it.  A map was produced with where the artists were going to be, and you just wandered around.  Looking and feasting on the visuals.

Such differences between all the artists.  I loved it.  The children loved seeing the progress and Sebastian especially was quite excited about how far the pieces had come.  And somewhere I have the pamphlet with all the artist’s names, and when I hopefully find this, I will match names and photos on this post.

And now I am going back to work, felting and making cards and tags and sewing and making mini books, and plaster and burlap magnets, and mini art works ready to be framed and getting things ready to package up and send up to be sold.  Why I leave these things to the last minute I will never know.  A lot of it has been the thinking behind the projects and the preparation.  Now it is starting to all come together.


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