Masks and bookbinding…

The last week of the school holidays have gone flying by, as Friday is nearly upon us, and Labour weekend beckons, with some sunshine scheduled which will be a welcome treat.

I have been bookbinding this week.  I made two books, one will be an art journal for this, the other a traveling sketch book.  They have been a learning curve.  And swear words have been muttered as careful measurements were taken and then I discovered that they were taken from the wrong place.  But next time I bind books like this, I will know somewhat what I am doing.

But I am happy with how they came out overall.  And they look so professional, and should be able to be thrown in a bag and carted around and I love the way they feel so robust ready to be played in.

And I have worked on this painting for the Butterfly Effect

The Masks We Cling To

I love all the texture and I am very happy with this, despite having another idea about how this was going to look when I first started.

I read this week, where another artist (I can’t remember who) mentioned in passing how much more confident they felt as an artist having the skills to bring their vision to life and make the painting look how they mean it to look.  And I thought it was interesting given I feel I have gained more confidence as an artist by letting my original vision be changed as the painting develops and comes through on to the canvas.  And how I love all the differences in this art world that helps us all develop our own styles and bring our pieces to life in a way that satisfies our muse.  There is no right way or wrong way or one clear path to follow.  I love that.  The sameness and differences for all of us.  All following our muse where ever she leads.

And I made a commitment this week to something that both terrifies me, and excites me to goosebump level, so will be some exciting news on the horizon.  One of my big  dreams is on the cliff top of happening thanks to connections on this huge small interconnected world online.

And I am linking to Paint Party Friday in advance as well.  :)

Have a good weekend everyone.


22 thoughts on “Masks and bookbinding…

  1. okay this post is awesomely timed because i was thinking about –
    oh this is going to be a long comment…
    anyway, you brought up frida. i pulled out my frida books and revisted the reasons that i am so inspired by her – right? and while i was looking at them i realized that while she had ability, she also just sort of… went with it. I’m sure she had SOME plan when she started the painting, but it seems like she just went with what ended up happening.
    As you said, THAT is art. I don’t want to remake what is already there – and if i can reproduce exactly what i see in my head, am i making art or taking a photo?
    LOVE the teeth on that mask.
    scary and great and gritted against all storms.


  2. The journals are full of promise. I’d love to bind some journals but I need to think through what paper I’d like to use, etc. I love the painting of the mask – brilliant white against the blues. Well done.

  3. Great Journals!!! Still a thing on my everlong ToDo List :)
    Yours look amazing!

    Yeah, my art “evolves” too…
    It’s fun to see it materialize before your eyes, isn’t it?!
    Cool mask…the teeth are my favorite part, too :)

  4. My “planned” paintings are always disappointing. I agree with you about letting the art become what it wants. Love your new journals, makes me itchy to try book binding.

  5. I love seeing where other artists visions take them! It is wonderful to see all of the beautiful differences…

    Your journals are wonderful – very professional, indeed!

    The texture in your mask painting is amazing :)

    I am looking forward to hearing more about your exciting news…


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