Interview questions and ramdom photos

Amy posted a series of interview questions and people are linking their answers in her comments.

This is late, but better than not doing it at all. The intention had been to get these done before now, but distractions have abounded this week…chicken pox children, painting planners (see previous post!), and setting up my online shop…equals lateness…but here now.  And interspersed are random photos :)

One of my favourite camping photos

1. what is your name and stuff? and any other good information. like bank account details.

My name is Natasha.  Backwards it is Ah Satan.  That was pointed out to me about ten years ago.  Unfortunately my beloved was there when it was pointed out to me, and so Ah Satan I have been looking for you was a catch cry for a long time.  I started going by Tarsh for a long time.  Now it is only remembered when the children play up…as in…what would I expect from Satan’s spawn…

My middle name is Ann without an e.  I always hated it, it is so boring,  Maybe because I also loved Anne of Green Gables.  But there are 6 generations of women in my family who all have Ann as their middle name.  When I was younger I thought I wouldn’t use Ann.  Or if I did I would slip an “e” on it.  But I had a daughter and Victoria Ann Josephine she is…And now there are 7 generations of women with Ann as a middle name.

I have been admitted to the bar, and worked as a lawyer, but I lost faith in the system with my own legal battles and can’t imagine doing that again. But I specialised in criminal defence.  I left law school very idealistic still.  My values and sensibilities remain as strong in the justice system even now.  I seem to have an opinion that does not run to mainstream views.

And for a while I worked in policy and research.  But internal politics are fricken awful.  And work that is supposed to help and make a difference gets lost in amongst egos.  And I may have had rose-tinted glasses, but I didn’t expect it to that extent.  But I loved the potential of what could be achieved.  But now I am an artist.  And I love that.  And I am sure my other skills will find their own way into the world in they way they are meant to be used.

I have one cat, and until earlier this year we had a frog.  Called BJ Bear (named courtesy of my daughter).

My favourite photo of my daughter

2. what is super hot about you?

My hair and my eyes, and I like my breasts too.  And I have good lips.

3.  don’t lie or cheat: what is under your couch right now?

A bead and a hair clip

A recent photo of Sebastian posing...

4.  when was the last time you shaved your legs?

This morning

5.  what did you have for breakfast?

:) Thyroid drugs, tonic, stove top expresso, cod liver oil capsule, vitamin c, vitamin b, green smoothie…supplement and drug city around here  and now it is nearly 9 and I am drinking lemon grass and ginger tea.

6. if you could choose a new name, what would you name yourself?

Apart from the Ah Satan period I don’t mind my name but I used to really want my name spelt with a “j”.  At 9 I even wrote my name like that for a while.  With a “j”.

7.  have you ever had plastic surgery?

No, but I am not opposed.  I sometimes think I would be a botox person, but needles on my face scare me a little.

Children indulging their mother...if begrudgingly

8. are you afraid of the dark?No, except I once saw part of the Omen movie when I was 17 and for two weeks I kept hearing noises and sensing things and slept with a bible under my pillow.  Just in case. But otherwise not scared.9. are you a hermit?I am not a true hermit, but I can have hermit tendencies because some people annoy me and I don’t mind my own company.10.  why do you blog?So I can see how far I have come.  And so I can meet like minded souls.


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