Discovering what isn’t our style…and the power of the redo

Last year? I did a course over at Willowing on Mythical Magical Makings, and this picture was the extent of what I did.  It has sat unfinished all this time, because though I LOVE art classes, I love art classes to learn new things and for inspiration, not to make what the teacher is making.  And though this was not based on Tamara’s work at all, I just didn’t feel it.  It didn’t feel like me either, and so it sat there.  Just taking up room and annoying me.  Completely unfinished and not looking to be finished anytime soon.

And this week over at the Butterfly effect the theme is wings.  And I thought about this, but did not have a way forward.  So I had another idea I was going to do.  And then just before I went to sleep last night I wondered about scraping the wings and dripping sumi ink all over it.

And I did not get up immediately to do it, although I thought about it, because it is school holidays and I don’t need to add tiredness to the mix.  But this morning, before sorting out the children’s breakfast I tried scraping the wings.  And though I did intend to scrap all of the modelling paste off, I was done just roughing it up a bit.

And then I put masking fluid on her face and skin.

After that dried I dripped sumi ink on it, and then got lost in splattering and smearing paint.  Just playing, because frankly it was hard to wreck something I disliked so much.

And after I had finished smearing paint around I peeled off the masking fluid, and did some more work on her.  And I am so much happier…so much happier that I took multiple close ups!

She feels a lot more like me than she did before I started this morning.


13 thoughts on “Discovering what isn’t our style…and the power of the redo

  1. I love your re-do! And I agree, as a photographer, when I’m asked to take photos of something that just aren’t what my creative mind is telling me to do, I get frustrated, and a bit angry and I generally don’t like what I produce, unless, I turn the subject around and take things my way. :) Really love your 2nd take. Just so much fun! :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. so hey. are those little mirrors or mosaic tiles or what – making up the texture behind the girl?

    i am Nuts about the redo.

    i think i’m going to fuck around with masking fluid tomorrow – i tend to forget about good stuff like that.


  3. Love the redo! Have gone through this myself. Sometimes it’s a fine line between being finished and overdoing but on this one…totally the right decision. The reds give it a totally different feel, more energetic. Good job.

  4. I love her story more now after this redo….the splatters, the knife!
    So much more mystery!

    Feels good to get an old project off the “someday” list, doesn’t it?!
    Well done :)

  5. The story of your re-do is wonderful–inspiration for all of us who need a re-do. In any part of our lives. Re-dos get better because we figure out what didn’t work, and that makes it possible to figure out what DOES work.

  6. I never finished mine either . . . always meant to. Yours is absolutely stunning – and I LOVE how you completed and made it your own – more fabulous texture and rich color abounds, xo

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