I have a new planner…sort of…

In the midst of going through all my stuff last week I found an old planner I had, that I had never used, except for a couple of days. And two addresses that were in it. It was black and impersonal and very not me. And while I intended to use it to be more productive and professional, I never did. And I was going to gift it to the one of the children. And as it sat on my dining room table I glanced at it and wondered what would happen if I painted it.

Because if I am going to give it to the children then it wouldn’t have mattered if I wrecked it, so I grabbed my paints.

And oh my freaking gosh. I love this now!!! It was the first time I had embossed and it isn’t perfect, but I love that anyway.

I also painted the inside. And all of it has had a couple of coats of polyurethane.

And I gutted the inside. I threw away the professional, impersonal insides and made new dividers that I painted. And so far that is where I have stopped. Because it was getting close to procrastination of other things that need to get done this week.

But all the dividers were painted in a colour of the rainbow, and then a pink one. And they are all in rainbow order – ROY-G-BIV. And while nothing is fixed yet I have roughly decided the folders will be:

1. To-dos
2. Routines
3. Planner
4. Business
5. Dreams
6. Money
7. Address details
8. Snipperts/notes/ideas

Though I will just try these out for a while. See what works and what doesn’t before any labels get attached, because more than anything else I want to actually use this.

I am thinking the dividers will all end up as a mini work of art with a pithy quote of inspiration, but we will see.

I wanted to get on with the doing, rather than the prettying up and getting it perfect, because if I wait for the perfect, it will never happen.

So far I have just clipped some holes in paper from to-do pad I had and slipped those in. But I have ideas for the planner etc, and how I want it to look that I will actually use it, so that will be my job over the next wee bit. Getting my crap together.

As I begin to make this thing I do my business, and make business plans and all that other grown up stuff…I have somewhere to put it all, even if in my perfectionist OCD-ness I end up redoing it five times, it is time to make a start.


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