Life is whizzing by

I don’t know if it is just me, but life seems to be going so fast at the moment. And I feel very productive which is even better! I like it when I feel like I am keeping up and not two blocks behind!

I am still volunteering at the local woman’s refuge, and watching their programmes I have decided to donate 10% of everything I sell full-stop to them, rather than just my exhibition. It was kind of a hard decision, because it is not like I have a plentiful money tree, but I believe in them, and at some point I need to put my money where my mouth is, and have faith that everything will work out and there is enough for everyone to have their needs met. :)

And the weather has just turned a bit, so after the manic running around and running errands that was today, I have just lit a fire, and I intend to sit there very soon and drink my tea before I get on with the other chores I wanted to get done today.

I have still to finish my tidying task for today (Rhomany’s course), though it is started. And I have done some form of art every single day for the last few weeks, including this morning. And I have more I want to do tonight.

And to breathe. I am just starting to meditate again, not a lot, but as much as I can with where I am now, and I don’t know if that is making the difference but I do feel very grounded. And I woke at 5am to bake a cake for the graduates of a programme at the Woman’s Refuge who were graduating today. Because a celebration is always better with cake.

And I am painting rocks…art rocks :)

And another shot! :)

And my drawers are looking fabulous with so much rubbish that I have cleared out of them.

I am just so happy and content right now. More money would be welcome, but all too often good moments get swallowed in the business and I wanted to document the goodness in life right now. The connections, and the way I am using my time. Everything feels very in alignment with me.


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