Avoiding a guest appearance on Hoarders

There will be no photos to go with this post, because frankly that would be horrifyingly humiliating.

I am doing a Whimsical Workspace course with Rhomany over at Willowing. And on the surface my house is relatively company ready, but open a drawer or cupboard and there are some out of control bush fires at my house.

Especially me keeping “ephemera” for my art journal, which is really a waste of time because primarily I am a painter so it is little wonder little of it has been used and it is getting out of control.

I think having too much stuff can be more paralysing to creating than having only a little bit.

I have a collection of things that will be heading up north hopefully, along with something that is freaking perfect for her that I just found and instantly thought of her.

And some junk is going straight to the bin. Like broken plates I kept so I could try mosaic…which I haven’t done in the last couple of years since I stored them, and not likely to do anytime soon, because there is so much other stuff I want to do, so basically just broken crockery taking up room. It is no wonder that I can’t do any art at my art desk as it has become an art supply storage place. And I have things in storage that don’t need to be there and that real estate could be art supply storage.

So I don’t have to art at the dining room table and couch (though honestly that will probably still happen anyway!)

So that is where I am today. And I have an art journal out that I am pasting stuff into. Just sticking it all in. Because even if it ends up getting covered in paint, I want some storage back. And some stuff has to go. So I am using it, and throwing it and hopefully give some away as well!

At first when I began throwing things out, I had that, oh no, money isn’t exactly plentiful at the moment so if I need it then I can’t replace it. But that becomes so self-fulfilling. And I have faith that I will always have what I need. And even more than that, if I have not used it in the last couple of years, it is more than likely that won’t change anytime soon, and I won’t even miss it. Especially when stored in a drawer that never gets open because it is so full that stuff overflows if does get opened.

And a happy bonus is that I have found things that I had on my art supply shopping list, hiding under junk. And some things I had even forgotten I had. It feels a bit like Christmas!! :)

And also freaking embarrassing that I have let it get to this stage.


One thought on “Avoiding a guest appearance on Hoarders

  1. I just looked under my bed while searching for my cat (who was recently cornered by three dogs and shot into my room for refuge) … I still haven’t found the cat, but I did find some books I haven’t read yet and could have sworn I bought but never found (turns out they were there all along), so my afternoon has been planned! The joys of organised chaos …

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