Exploring Tribal Art

So this has been taking up a lot of time for me this week.

I suggested it as a theme over at the Butterfly Effect, and I had an idea of what I was going to do. A couple of ideas actually.

And then when I started, the paint just would not go how I saw it in my head.

And I think it is because being part-Māori, there is so much meaning behind this subject that is personal to me. And so I dwelled and got stuck, and overworked, and felt generally overwhelmed.

And then yesterday. I thought stuff it. And I painted over most of it. And started with a new body that was more “whimsy” than tribal, but I needed to move it forward, so the body was made out of book text and then suddenly I could get on, and not worry about the outcome or anything else, but just be mindful of the process instead.

It now looks completely different to how I saw it in my head, but I have sketched out those ideas for other paintings so I don’t lose them. :) And I am happy with this. Finally. And my tattoo snuck in as well!


5 thoughts on “Exploring Tribal Art

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