Time is flying and book review!

It is now Friday and life has been so FULL! And I am grateful, it is productive full, panic-y full, am I enough full, and blessing filled full as well. All of it I am grateful for. But a lot of it is preparational stuff, getting backgrounds ready, paintings half finished. Committing to online shops, and still needing to list. Committing to stalls, and still needing to produce goods. And starting this post a few days before day and then not finishing it. :)

Exciting and everyday intermingled, because laundry still needs to be done, floors washed and vacuumed, children packed off to school and kindy and picked up, and friends popping in, and life is crazy busy and full. And good.

And because nothing is finished, or at a stage to be photographed, I thought about doing my first book review. And I chose to do the book that started everything for me.

Wreck this Journal by Keri Smith.

I read about this, and ordered it. Fell in love with it, and bought it for everyone I knew as their Christmas present in 2009. My son who was 6, loved it and I got him one too. And that summer we wrecked our journals. I don’t know where his is, but this morning I went and looked for mine and found it, and as I was taking photos I realised I still had plenty to finish. So I will start doing that again. For fun.

I have always been a book person. To intentionally destroy a book was challenging, but I found as I played with materials and art supplies, that that was where my heart was pulling me. I was so tired and ill and not well, and working through this book gave me a diversion and a chance to breath and reflect.

The first day...ready to mail to myself!

In amongst the craziness like throwing the book of a 100 foot cliff (though I started to climb it, my beloved (who ridiculed the book playfully at every opportunity) said that given my tendency to clumsiness he would climb the cliff and throw it) an where upon it broke in two. I think he was worried about my reaction as I went to pick up the pieces, but wrecked it was as the title said to do, and I made a new binding for it using my old paint rag.

I look through it now, and I see both how far I have come creatively and artistically, and also remember the madness that Sebastian and I shared as we did wreck those journals.

There are pages I want to paint over and do over, and my first face, that I really want to blank out.

Ugh!! First face.

I can’t recommend this book enough. For exploring your own creativity. In any form, painting, drawing or writing or sculptural or knitting. Just exploring. Creating. Having fun, and playing.

My first completed page!!

Learning washable markers actually wash out!!

Made using my hair!! tweezers and buckets of patience!

Second completed face...


Looking through this now, I see how it sparked ideas for me. And how taking that time to do something for yourself, that is not about completing projects or paintings or anything else but playing could spark more ideas. Refilling the well. Exploring. That is what I would recommend the book for. Using this book I discovered that I loved paint. Loved. And just create. And this book gave me permission to just explore all of that with no pressure.


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