Mythical magical creatures come calling…

My goodness.

It is first things Sunday here and I have taken photos and now to get this post up before Amy posts at Butterfly Effect where I am of course linking.

Then on to make waffles for breakfast, because we have a sleepover thing going on and after spending most of ALL day yesterday cutting flowers. And much of the past couple of days…to cut over a 1000, because I had an idea about how I wanted my hydrangeas to look in my head. I am glad they came out how I saw them in my head, because otherwise I would be devastated.

But I am now out to recoup some mothering points so waffles for breakfast.

But first this post!

I first had in my head a Brian Froud type fairy, but I was procrastinating, because the idea terrified me, so I just drew a fairy with my non-dominant hand, to stop obsessing, and then decided to only paint her in watercolours. This is the first “proper” thing I have ever painted ONLY in watercolours.

I don’t have a lot of colours so there was a lot of mixing involved. Including all skin tones!!! I didn’t want to use even my watercolour pencils. I just wanted to stick to watercolour. I have only used them in my journal before now, as part of a background, so this was a good learning experience.

I was going to use some pigments and gum arabic in her wings, but when I went to get them I found my twinkling h20s I had bought of Trade Me (the New Zealand version of ebay) for a bargain.

And so I used some of those in the wings and the grass. I have used them only a couple of times and have not being that impressed with them, but I really like the very subtle shimmer that they left on this. So I don’t regret their purchase completely now.

Here is a photo with the flash on, so you can see the very subtle shimmer…

I am happy with her and how she came out. And DAMN happy with my hydrangeas.


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