Exciting new discoveries


Plaster of paris is the coolest thing I have ever played with. I have just started playing (thanks to Stephanie Lee and Judy Wise) and I had piece that looked like someone glooped some custard on it, and I painted it gray just as a first layer, because I had some on my palette that needed using, and a bit of plaster fell of the sides of the recycled mdf I am using, and I thought bugger it. I will take it outside and scrape of the sides. And bearing in mind the glooped custard look that was not very attractive, I wondered what would happen if I took my scraper to the top as well. I was feeling this was just an experimental piece, was never going, now I am loving it. Taking away the paint and stripping it back to basics has brought this piece to life for me and I love where it has started to go…maybe not so much just a play piece.

And some close ups to see the glorious gritty texture:

And then I came inside feeling chuffed with myself (though I need a couple of band-aids because my scraper skills are as good as my knife skills) and I saw another piece that I had liked more than the one above, but still was not completely happy. So I took it outside to scrape, just to see what will happen, and again…OH MY GOSH. Plaster of Paris rocks!!!

The scraping and peeling back layers have opened up a whole new world.

I had plastered these a couple of months ago and because I was not completely happy I just left them aside. But they are back front and centre. :)

And I am doing a soul slam course with Amy and I am using a cheap sketch book I had lying around empty. But the cover was uninspiring pink plastic. So with much experimentation and some lessons learnt about what not to do, I plastered the front of the book and now it has a cover I love on it, with my current muse of the moment right in front of me painted on plaster and beeswaxed.


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