Keeping it Simple

The other night I was listening to podcasts by Ricë, (I won’t mention how dreadfully far behind I am in listening) and I had in my head that I had to do something while I listened. (Hence why I am behind in listening to them, because I don’t know about other people but I cannot do other things and listen to podcasts at the same tiime. I get focussed on what I am doing and then I catch something I have missed the start off, or I notice ten or twenty minutes have gone and I need to rewind, and it is hopeless frankly. I don’t get any art done or podcasts listened to. I can art while I listen to music or there is other background noise, but to listen actively is not going to happen when I get involved in a piece and isn’t that what we all want, to be involved i our pieces??

So. I was listening to the podcast and heard the voice in my head that asked if that was all I was going to do, and I saw my art journal I made for the elements class nearby and my oil pastels and I thought I would play while listening. Not do anything involved. Or that required my attention. Just play and listen. I have just started to love my pastels, but I don’t think I use them as well as I could. And I thought about how I knew they can be diluted with a solvent, but I hadn’t had a play yet. So I went and got my odourless solvent, and started listening and playing.

And this page resulted. I will admit that I had to rewind, but only once. I just played and doodled and dissolved (what fun) and eventually the flowers starting forming and I went with it. I don’t know if I will do more, for now it feels very spring and nice and simple and I am happy to leave as is. I know whether I prefer dissolving the pastels with a soft rag or a brush, and I played with layering light over dark and dark over light. I like how the “roses” came out so may pursue that in something else.

But I am okay with keeping it simple. I have been looking a lot at some journal pages that seem to be layered just for the sake of layering. And while I am good with that, I love layering, sometimes I think the message gets lost in all the layers. And I read this article and just thought a big AMEN! Sometimes simple is enough on it’s own. You don’t always need a million layers and bits of texture for the sake of texture poking through to give depth. And in fact sometimes that all detracts from what you are trying to show.

And here is the picture I made for my sister’s birthday today. The first picture is the unwaxed view and now it is waxed. The actual shoe is on book text and I am imagining a few of these…sneakers, wedges, strappy sandals, all on different coloured backrounds. I love the ruby slipper nature of these though and I think she will love it.


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