Zombie love

A couple of weeks ago I had no idea there was a battle that existed between unicorns and zombies. And if I had known I would have gone for the unicorns to win. I have never been a fan of zombies, I don’t really do the zombie movies, and my children do zombie eyes at me sometimes just to freak me out, and I am not really a zombie kind of gal.

And then Amy announced her birthday celebration was a zombie vs unicorn paint off. And I thought I was going to join the unicorn side, and then I thought I would step outside of my own comfort zone and go the zombies. And this was settled when I told my son I might paint zombies and he said that any zombie I did would be lame.

Hmmmm, challenge anyone???

And so once I had taken my side, I didn’t want to do scary awful zombie. And so just with that knowledge in mind I started zombie number one. Painting over an old painting that I didn’t want anymore. And then I saw the rough outline of a zombie and I started to play. And then got stopped by my zombie number two, but I went back and have finished it now and I am happy with the layers on this piece and it is certainly much more traditional zombie, then my next one, and you can see how far the piece has come from the initial playing. Some of those layers are still peeking through and I love that.

Running from the City

But later that night I was thinking about something Kelly Rae Roberts had posted on Twitter, about another person having a gallery show with paintings that looked identical in some cases to work by Kelly herself.

And still with zombies on my mind I put the two of them together and thought of a Kelly Rae Roberts zombie, which is one of the most unlikely combinations, and the more I thought about it, the more I thought it was a stunning idea. And so I got to work. And I have spent hours on this. I did the long neck girl with her head tilted to the side, rounded body, butterfly wings, the patterned papers, pastel-ly paint and bubble wrap and book text, and even the writing and use of graphite. Just the ideas that came to mind when I thought Kelly Rae Roberts, rather than using any of her paintings directly as inspiration and away I went.

And oh my gosh.

I love how she came out. Literally many hours have been spent on her. And even more at the moment as I beeswax her. But Kelly Rae Roberts zombie she is. She is a zombie with love. No twee birds on her, but a raven by her side. I love her butterfly wings. She is a zombie. Lame…quite possibly, but I am no less in love with how she came out. :)

Zombie love

And so clearly pleased with her I took a lot of close ups!!

Both paintings now are undergoing the beeswax treatment. :)

Happy Birthday Amy. xx

And go team Zombie


9 thoughts on “Zombie love

  1. I’m enchanted by your Zombie Lady. I love the expression on her face. I feel she has something in her mind and someone is going to have to hear (or maybe feel) every word.

    The Zombie Team kicks butt! Um, and swallows brains ;)

  2. Hi Natasha, Thank you for entering my giveaway. I am glad I popped by to visit you today because your zombies really caught my attention!! I LOVE the Kelly Rae inspired painting. It is simply fabulous!! Are you going to share it with her? I am sure she would enjoy seeing it!! Wini xo

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