Taking my slug medicine

A couple of weeks ago I was reading this post by Pixie Campbell and I thought again about animal medicine and what my animal guides may be (bearing in mind that I consider a lot of this silently in my house, as my beloved would think I was stark raving mad and tell me for the millionth time that I am a hippy).

For the record I am drawn to the wolf, snake and raven, but lately I haven’t really felt any connections to any animal.

But this post had insects as animals, something I had not even considered. And still thinking about that, I went on my way to start preparing dinner. And on my way to the kitchen I found a slug.

I intensely dislike them. I try not to hate anything, and I am not scared of snakes or spiders or anything. But I am terrified of sparrows. And I completely dislike very intensely flies, slugs and ants if they are inside my house.

Slugs are like snails without a shell, and you have to pick them up and they are slimey and ick and their slime is sticky and ick. And we are currently overrun with them. Honestly a few times a week for the past couple of weeks I am removing slugs. And I do not know where they are coming from or how they get in, but there they are in the middle of the floor. On the other days that I don’t actually find them I find their trails. EVERYWHERE.

So I sigh my exasperated sigh, think bad words, possibly say one, and pick up the slug and put it outside. And come back in annoyed with the slug population even more. And then I wondered if perhaps I am in need of slug medicine and that was why I was overrun. And then I thought that I couldn’t imagine anything worse than slug medicine and so I brushed it aside because surely those little slimy ick things don’t have any medicine to impart.

But five minutes later, needing to confirm that they surely had no medicine to impart I was doing a google search and I found some information and thought well, maybe slugs are it for me now.

And I read a couple of different pages and carried on. And as I went back to prepare dinner I found an ant infestation which tipped me over the edge very nearly and I did know that ants had medicine to impart because the post had said. So stuck with the glamorous (said sarcastically in case you are in any doubt) slug and ant medicine, I did some reading later that night and put it aside. Determined to give some consideration to it, but not actually getting very far in the days that have followed.

And then today. I have found EIGHT slugs inside. EIGHT. Unbelievable. And then I step out the front door and there are 12 on our porch. (Yes I counted)

So today 20 (TWENTY) slugs have made themselves known to me.

Surely that is a sign.

Or we have an overwhelming slug population ready for birds in spring (?)

Just in case, I am going in the direction of slug medicine for me.

So resolving to do some more research and reflecting tonight,I came across another ant invasion. So yes, thank you ants for reminding me, I am adding you to the research pile as well.

Yay. Slug medicine. There is a saying that the medicine that is the most horrid/bitter does the most good, or words to that effect, so I am taking my slug medicine.

And am off to do research and reflect on icky make my skin crawl slugs.

And ants. :)


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