Street Art and the Butterfly Effect

There have been some changes on the blog, and more coming gradually as I realign it slightly.

This is the canvas I painted for the Butterfly Effect’s theme of the week “Street Art”. There have been some big, exciting changes over at the Butterfly Effect, and I think everyone should go and play. It is a great way to play and connect.

This painting was first mentioned here. And then a great big chunk of life hit me over the head. In fact within 2 hours of the first post, life came and knocked me around for a bit. Still. Going back to this painting, I ruined it 6 times I think. You can’t see under the top layer, all the layers where mess was taking over and I thought more than once about painting the whole thing gray and starting again. I know they are there and it did feel very graffiti like painting and covering and taking away and painting again so it went with the street art theme.

I feel like I have crossed a precipice this week and I am embracing it and taking chances and going along in the energy I feel and seeing where it takes me. I have reached out and taken chances and I am feeling good about where I am.

And remembering girls on buses and making a difference.


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