Saturday Morning Confessions

I am addicted to art books. And art classes. But I have put a stop on both for now. Because there is only so much I can read, and only so much I can watch other people do art. I need to fit in some doing art myself as well. Not that my wishlist is getting any smaller, so when my book buying hiatus is over there are already some top candidates to get.

I am putting it down to my constant quest for new knowledge and expanding my own boundaries :)

But to make myself feel better and justify the purchase of all my art books (see photo above and note that I have noticed some were missing, like Traci’s Stamp Lab book, which is possibly on my art desk, and a couple of others that may be in the stack next to my bed! :)). I am going to do some reviews. And work on some of the projects in the books and show the results with the reviews.

And start to review art classes that I have taken.

Because not all books are created equal. And some are must haves. And some are good to haves. And some would be good to get from the library or borrow because you will only use them once and never look at them again. Some are laden with techniques, and some are laden with inspiration and really it depends on what you are after in any given time as to whether the book would be good for you or not.

Though I see art and book and my pulse starts to quicken :)


One thought on “Saturday Morning Confessions

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