Everything is half finished but that also means everything is started

And it is only the start of the week…well mid-week since it is Wednesday morning.

I seem to have so many ideas and things on my to-do list that sometimes I get so overwhelmed just thinking about it all I stop. Get stuck and wake up in the same place next week. Well you can’t expect to do the same things over and over and expect a different result. So I have still done the to-do list. But I am just doing it. Not thinking about it. And I have had the most productive week. Who knew that you just had to get started and actually do something!! :)

I was waiting to post until I had some things finished. But nothing is. But the pile of things half started is HUGE!

I have so many gessoed wood blocks ready for painting. (I know you were wondering how many “so many” were and so I just counted…25!!!) Some with paint already on. Mainly for my exhibition, but also one set aside for my baby sister’s birthday. And the idea I have had for her…think stiletto shoe…(because at 14 my mother has loosened up clothing rules for her pretty blinkin’ drastically) (And very much younger, I was 20 when she was born which also tells you how old I am, although maybe I was about to turn 20 because I thought I was turning 34 at this year’s birthday, but maybe I am wrong, I suck at keeping track of how old I am :)), could spark a little series. More will come when I get the idea in my head actually down onto a wood block.

And then there is the Butterfly Effect. My goodness…it has found a rocketship to blast it to the moon and everyone must now get involved. There are themes and giveaways and exciting exciting exciting. And this week’s theme is street art. And while I am not finished yet, this is where I am up to…

This canvas was started 3 years ago maybe. And it sucked. A half hour into it, I knew it really sucked. And so I put it away. A few weeks ago I found it and put over a light coat of modelling paste (note to newbies, don’t buy modelling paste, buy joint compound…huge difference in price but not effect). And then it got left. And then I saw the street art theme. And I went to find a canvas, and I pulled that out. Because I saw a grey background to provide a base, so the sucky art still poking through was going to be vamooshed. And I had intended a plaster background anyway as soon as I saw street art was the theme.

And so I played on top of that with my open acrylics. I have not done a class with them, so I am not using them to their full potential probably, but there is not a big difference for me between those and my heavy bodied acrylics except that they take ages to dry. And so for a while on this canvas I had a bit of mud happening, because I am impatient and slap happy. And I am trying to not use a hairdryer and speed up drying times. And then I chucked on some ink and oil pastel. Some graphite. And then found a shape, and blocked out the wall in what turned out to be grey again. You can get an idea of what the canvas looked like before I blocked out via the shape that is visible. I have not done anything to that yet. Yet. And still need to play more with the open acrylics

Not sure what it will look like when it is finished, but there it is now. And I am not linking yet to Butterfly Effect, because I will do that when it is finished.

And then on to my journal page. It has been in a state of off and on work for weeks. And I do a bit here and a bit there. So many layers. So many. How it started off is no where near where it is now. I should remember to take photos, throughout the process, but I get into a zone and never remember.

And it still isn’t done.

But it is half finished and in my workspace so it counts for this mid week round up.

And this journal page. I was going to paint her face in, but I like her face like that. Not sure what else I am going to do with her. There is journalling in white pen all over the front page and I am at the stage of needing to sit with her for a bit. Luckily for me there is a lot in my pile to go on with.

And then this. I started months ago. For the Gritty Jane course I signed up for. And this is as far as I have gotten. Just an under painting that needs more work. But I have pulled this out this week as well.

And my Zombie paintings (For the Zombie vs Unicorn competition over at Amy’s blog as a celebration for her birthday which you should also enter, and also look at her self portrait photos because she is looking quite stunningly hot). I can only show you one, because the other is so fantastically good, I think it will win and I don’t want to give anything away to the unicorn people (I read something on twitter of all things, and when I was thinking about it later, and then thinking about zombies, I had the massively brilliant idea of the two things that are the most unlikely things ever to be put together and I have been working on that A LOT this week) who will lose. And I have to say, one of the best things about this is that realy I am a unicorn person. I did the zombie thing to push myself out of my natural comfort zone. And here I am. Loving the outcomes.

But I can’t show that one, because it is a secret. And it makes me happy in a really pathetically geeky delicious kind of way.

But this one is only barely started. It is a piece created for an online workshop that I never really felt. And so I painted over it. And did some playing. Then saw a zombie shape. But it is only beginning. And chances are very high it will change drastically.

And there are other things on my half done, need to be finished pile as well. But if I had taken more photos this post would never end. And I wanted to get back to painting.

And finishing.


3 thoughts on “Everything is half finished but that also means everything is started

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  2. !!!

    holy shit! you have got so much going on that you make me want to get going too.

    i get reeeeeeallly stagnant and don’t do a lot – then – ! i get hoppin and produce lots.
    it looks like you operate in a verrrry similar way.
    you are on a sweet upswing.


    *am jealous* because i am currently a stagnant turd.


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