Journal pages, zombies and unicorns

I have been busy this week on catching up on 52 pages at Wild precious Studios (prompts by the fabulous Darcy, hosted by Pixie at Wild Precious Studios) and making other journal pages and trying to lessen the general feeling of overwhelm and I am very far behind on everything (see last post! :))

And in light of that post and feeling overwhelmed, I have signed up to something else. Because after all is that not what we do (though I have a blanket moratorium out on all classes for right now, which is unfortunate, because there are so many classes I want to do, but they are not good choices for right now (I just need to repeat that to myself 10000 times), though if I win a place, that does not count I have decided. Crossing my fingers for any class giveaways.) And taking the time to finish what I have actually already signed up for.

But moving on, I have signed up to something new…something cool and the decision about whose side I will take has been surprising enough for me that I am so looking forward to this break of madness in the middle of everything else. Zombies vs Unicorns. (Google is your friend, until yesterday I had no idea there was such a battle been waged). And I naturally thought unicorns, because I am a unicorn magical kind of person. And zombies scare me, and I have not really been a huge fan, despite Sebastian pulling off a very realistic zombie impersonation which shows he loves them a lot more than unicorns). Pulling back from that tangent, after some research I started to come around to the idea of zombies, and that right now, I feel more zombie than unicorn, and after Sebastian telling me any zombie I made would be lame, I felt compelled to step up to the challenge. So zombies here I come!

Go here to sign up. Zombies vs Unicorns, who couldn’t use a little madness to break up the rest of life.

And now for my pages…

I am only up to Week 5 (back to the 52 pages tangent, in case anyone was wondering what on earth week 5 was about) but catching up is in the cards, hence no more classes (repeat to self), so here is encourage.

This was a little too pastel-ly for me. And I was not feeling it. But then I saw orange oil pastel flowers, and charcoal stems and the rest is history. The page was done. It has a mix of all sorts, because there is some ink and tissue paper and stamping and acrylics on that background, and a lot you can’t quite see until you see it up close and catch glimpses and I like that. It was a page that accumulated bits until I was ready to play properly with it and “encourage” those bits to come together (and that folks is a segue!! :)) I blame tiredness for that!

And then this page, was quinacridone (I love that word) magenta and violet. And then I saw the profile of a man in the shapes of the paint and then he turned into a zombie like person (I took it as a sign I made the right choice) :). And out came my Stabilo marks-all. I journalled with that pen as well, about my first crush and the embarrassment and foolishness I feel looking back at that moment. And then spritzed the page and melted the words. The writing is done with acrylic ink and a bamboo skewer. I love how simple the page is. And how the zombie man really has nothing at all to do with crushes or being crushed, but he goes with the tone of the page and the writing. And I just like him. And it is another profile head that does not look deformed and completely strange.

And this canvas is on the go (I was going to say on the easel, but then I worried that maybe that sounded a little pretentious)…it is a start. Just a start, a work in progress. The shapes have occurred quite organically, and despite me not really been into birds, this bird like creature arrived so I am going with it.

And I am linking to Butterfly Effect


3 thoughts on “Journal pages, zombies and unicorns

  1. These pages look like fun. :) Mmm, you’re doing the battle. :) I have no idea what kind of research you did that pulled you to the dark side. :) Prepare to lose, my dear, as Unicorns RULE! :))

  2. wtf.
    where did my comment go.

    i went to enlarge the bird again and i deleted my comment.


    okay i was SAYING that i love the bird.

    also that zombies would win a surfing contest or a dance off. if it came to that.

    I have to keep enlarging the bird (and thus deleting my comment) because
    1. i love it
    2. i canNot figure out what substrate it is on.
    are those wax pastels?



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