Arting and Plan W!

Gosh, what a week. But I arted. Messy but arting none the less.

Trying to finish the elements course with Effy. And then on to the other online art courses I signed up for.

But I am getting there.

I had reason to take a step back this week, some of it enforced when it hurt everytime I took a breath or moved :) and I had to make some decisions going forward, because something I planned on is not happening. Not the end of the world, but blinkin’ inconvenient (in fact stronger words than “blinkin'” have been used this week, which comes with loving and living with an ex-butcher I think, I have a well developed potty mouth, but have tried to contain it, for fear of my child going to kindy repeating what she has heard at home! That would be all I need, for complaints from kindy teachers.

But I am still standing. I won GLORY. Kind of. And life goes on. I could let it drive me into a funk, and with my tendency to fall into depression I am ever on standby for that, but this week I have managed to hang on to my sanity for the most part. One little “poor me sobby moment of oh my gosh what am I going to do”. But there is only so much of that I can do. So you pick up the pieces and go to Plan B, or PLan C, or Plan W :)

So in the way of arting, I did a really good profile sketch. My first one that didn’t look massively deformed, and then I should have taken a photo but I didn’t and I put paint on her and I wish I hadn’t. But I will probably have another go at her at some stage.

She was done for Water week for the Elements course.

And then a couple of abstracty pieces. Again, both done processing the elements course (which has just gone self-study).

The first is a fire page. Which I love and has so many layers it is yummy.

And then another water page. Which started in a completely different way from how it ended up. And in fact I started it and it stayed just started cause I couldn’t see where I wanted it to go. And so I avoided the elements course and my pledge to get it finished. And then I moved on to fire week eventually. Just leaving that page as it was, and then voila. I found a way forward after my fire page.

I am loving my oil pastels at the moment. I don’t love the smushiness of them when I have finished, but a layer of clear gesso fixes that for me.

And I am linking at the butterfly effect. Check them all out, stunning, stunning art is been produced. I have been very slack about commenting, but I am looking in awe at the pages, and I will get there. (On my never ending to-do list). And this post is late I know, but better late than never!!

And lastly Happy Fathers Day to my beloved. I could not have picked a better father for my children. You are a much better father than I am a mother and I am eternally grateful. xx


2 thoughts on “Arting and Plan W!

    • Its okay. I think you have a different Father’s day date over there because my friend who lives there now has to get cards at your fathers day and send them on ours… You are safe!! :)

      The question is now do you get this message, or even notified there was a reply…

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