Spring is here…

Where has the winter gone??

It seems to have passed by so fast, I can’t believe the magnolias are in bloom (I always think every year I want to take a photo of magnolias actually blooming, and never get around to it…maybe this year?). We had snow just last week, and I have never been in snow before so excitement abounded (though perhaps if commonsense had, I would not still be poorly with the flu! :))

This week I have been following Connie’s Total Alignment series. I have only done the heart opening so far, and wow. WOW.

I have done BIG and so I am a HUGE fan of Connie already. That course was life changing art wise for me.

BIG and Paint Free by Wyanne are top of my recommendation lists for online art classes. Not for the technique hungry or learning to paint abc like xyz, but both of them for helping you to get in touch with your self and how YOU paint. Tapping into your own creative source and both of these classes literally changing my life, but before I go off on that rant I am going to stop. Because that is a post in itself, that is on my to-be-written list, under class and book reviews.

Suffice to say, check the classes out and do them.

But I have decided to do Total Alignment this week (because I am not behind enough in the other things I am doing??) and this is my page for Opening the Heart.

I wish I had taken progress shots for this page, cause this started as the biggest mess, not sure what is going on page, with purple scales plonked in the middle and oh my gosh, not sure what to do next, and I just gave in to that feeling, and stopped myself wanting to “fix” it and then the face started to emerge, eventually, after thinking about 12 times I just want to start again cause I don’t know what to do now or where to go.

And then I got out my pastels cause I love them at the moment. And love how they feel. And then she was done…for now.

And I am linking to the Butterfly Effect with this post.

1. Because I am not sure I will post something else this week (read: sick and whining still!)

2. Because after witnessing the GLORY of this little link, everything else is overshadowed :)

3. Because I can.


5 thoughts on “Spring is here…

  1. Hi Natasha White! It’s Natasha May. :) I get so excited when I see someone else named like me. I’m a dork. I know. I just don’t know many Natasha’s. :) Great painting! It started the same with me. Total mess then something came out of it. :) I’ve also done Paint Free. Those are some amaizing classes. :)

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