Some exciting news…

I was meant to share this last week, but in between nursing my beloved with the worst flu I have seen for a while, (knowing that this was the case because he is NEVER sick, even when he is and he took sick days, three of them! for the first time in 5 years. And then getting the flu myself (to then know it is the worst flu that has gone round for a while (and knowing my immune system is rubbish from the chemo, I did my best to avoid it, but no such blinken luck it would seem), so I sit here clogged up, headachey, shivery, cold, no voice, achey…etc etc, and none of this post has anything to do with that whining…instead it is something far more exciting…

For a couple of years I have read Seth’s The Pulse, and learnt a lot, discovered new sources of inspiration and generally loved it, and this year when he put the call out I put my hand up, and got something in…and last week I was on….

HERE!!!!!! :)

OH MY GOSH exciting…to be featured with the other world famous artists was very happy making, and thrilling to see my painting on another person’s website, a series that is used as a resource for other artists…oh my good gracious…flu shmu, what flu??

I was on the Pulse!!


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