Today there is no snow and now it is just icy to your bones cold
There are no pictures with this post
I am sick with the flu and no voice
I hurt all over
My littlest one is home with a tummy bug
I love lemon, honey and ginger
I love fires
I am organising my rss feeds and my email inbox (previously I have just used the mac mail application, and my favourites came to my inbox, but favourites change, and my email was getting cluttered and my procrastination needs no encouragement. I am moving to google reader, which I am undecided about, but it has been good forcing me to take stock and really declutter all my rss feeds which were becoming out of control and half of them were never read.
I am loving evernote
I am loving my smartphone
This post feels very whingy, but this is where I am today, in front of the fire, watching childrens dvds, drinking lemon and honey, with a box of tissues and aching all over if I move. And mothering to the sick when required.
Somewhere in there I need to watch some art videos I am behind in…
This is my today.


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