We have snow, we have snow, we have snow…

Oh my goodness. Snow is a once in a life time even in my parts…according to the news, and considering we live 10 minutes away from the sea…but oh my goodness, snow storm last night, and snow storm this morning…right now in fact. I am going to type I am in a blizzard, because I am not sure I will ever get to repeat that, but somehow back in reality I am not sure that people who really have blizzards would call this a blizzard!

And so far not a lot is hanging around, but I hope never to forget the magic of looking up into the sky late yesterday afternoon, with snow all around me and see all the snow above waiting to fall. And the feeling of having real life snowflakes dancing all around and in my hair. So excited that I went running out in bare feet, and it wasn’t until an hour later when I came back inside and my feet began warming up that I realised how freakin cold it was and how numb my toes were.

…And I am back, I went back outside just now to experience what heavy snow felt like, because it is unlikely we will ever have heavy snow warnings again, and it feels like such a winter wonderland magical time. I almost feel guilty for sending the children to school, but the deal was that they could only stay home if there was snow on the ground, and this morning there was none…

But this post has gotten way laid. I actually intended to talk about wet felting. I took a class last year with Emily and Nicole and only got finished a brooch for my son’s teacher for Christmas. But in the interests of finishing up some unfinished projects, I took the supplies out determined to at least finish a cover for my phone. I left my phone on a bus last week, and it was really a beat up piece of junk, that could only hold a charge for about 4 hours, but it had all my contacts in and no one handed it in! I am still ever hopeful, just for the contacts, but it was a good reason to finally upgrade, and I got a bargain on a smart phone. Not the iphone of my hearts desire, but a smart phone none the less. And can I say what a new world has opened up to me. It is so incredibly time wasting, and a show of my true colours that I downloaded phone apps before I even learnt to drive the phone sufficiently enough to be able to answer it when it rang! :)

But, when I went to get a cover for my phone I found my options were limited to one case, as compared to the hundreds that seemed to exist for the iphone. And then I remembered one of the felting projects was for a pouch of some kind, and so I came home motivated to do some proper felting. And oh my goodness….LOVE! It is so much faster than knitting, and I love my pouch, there is a spot where it is a bit weaker, and I only know cause if the light comes on my phone it shines through a bit, but really, overall…it is perfect.

And I know my bead came out not wonderful, and I was going to do another one, and then I thought it looked kind of floral and I liked the imperfectness off it. And I love that I made the little tie, and I just love the whole case. It makes me happier than the phone! :)

And then after the phone case I was in the felting zone so I made a neck scarf or scarfette…I love the colours and the photos I took do it no justice at all. The back looks like the ocean, and the other is a brightly layered gorgeousness. I love the holes and how perfect they came out and the fabric is so strong from wispy wall…and the speed compared to knitting…perfect winter activity. And thankfully I got a couple of packs of wool, so I have plenty to make some more things with.

And while I was getting the packs of wool I got a nuno scarf set as well, and so I did that as well, and it is absolutely beautiful, though again photos do not do it justice. It needs an iron, and next time I would do longer tassels, I had plenty of wool left for them, but the colours and the drape of the fabric…I had such a good weekend and feel like I accomplished a lot, now having less to do projects to finish as well. And I just want to say how clear all the notes I took from the classes were, and the instructions…it was wonderful, I would completely recommend any classes they have in the future. And as for the supplies and products that Nicole sells at her etsy shop…glorious. The colours are divine, and she is truely lovely to deal with.

If only I could figure out how to join the class flickr group, I could share my little creations! :)

Added to the snow (which is still snowing by the way! :)), I just really refilled my well this weekend. And with my beloved, sick as a dog with the flu, I was expecting a whole other kind of weekend, so my expectations were pleasantly completely wrong. In a place where I have been wondering whether I need to go back on anti-depressants (and hoping I can self care my way through this) it was really nice to be so blissed out for most of the weekend, free from outside worries.


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