Elements of Earth and Soul

I have taken a course run by Effy Wild over at Wild Precious on the Elements, and also have been reading the Dance of the Dissident Daughter by Sue Monk Kidd and Anam Cara by John O’Donohoue. It has all transpired to have happened during the trying times of June/July and the reading, and my own experiences have somewhat clouded my pages for the Elements course. And I am dreadfully behind, because although I am a Fire Person, I got very stuck on Earth, surprisingly for me. Clearly lessons I needed to learn. There is journalling on all these pages, and none of them are finished, but they are what I am working on currently. And the realisations I have had from them have been much needed to stop me sinking into overthinking and making up stories.

So there are three spreads I have worked on for Earth Week (or month as it happens to be! :)).

The first spread, has been through a few changes and she is very unfinished but I am also enjoying the rawness of where she is now.

The second spread is also unfinished, I am really happy with the progress, even if it has taken a while, but there is no rush to finish the page. It will happen in its own time.

The last spread I have done for earth is very personal to me. The snake has journalling in it from when my beloved and I decided to separate (which didn’t end up happening), and my feelings about what was happening. And then the snake got covered in transparent paint, so you can still see close up that there there is writing, but oh so therapeutic. And then the Russian Dolls, Matryoshka Dolls, I was thinking about myself in realation to my mother, in relation to her mother and so on, and myself in relation to my daughter, and I saw the image of the dolls. And I went back through each of us…I am Natasha, Daughter of Karen, Who is daughter of Elizabeth, who is daughter of Thelma, who is daughter of Lillian, Who is daughter of Laura…it was very powerful, and I love this page.

All of them have happened quite organically. And I realise as I write this that I have taken no photos of the journal I am working in, so I will get that. It is my first handbound art journal that I am actually arting in, and I am happy with it. I do have online classes to finish in terms of binding, but this was very simple and I love it. :)


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