Coming back to my breath, and a backlog

There has was/is a somewhat dramatic family emergency taking place.  And I had to go away for a while and take care of that quite unexpectedly, as these things often are!  :)

But I am back, and there is a lot to do and to do lists to be followed 15 minutes at a time.  I still don’t know if the crisis is over or not, but I am here and I have my breath, and for today in this space that is enough.  I did take a stack of index cards with me, with hurriedly prepared backgrounds so I kept up with those, in fact I clung my sanity to those babies when things were the most messy.  But they need to be photographed still, and they will be.  It is on the list, but maybe not today.  :)

And that is okay.  Life gets messy, and in the interests of keeping it real I am stepping in to the space and checking in.  There is such a spirit of transformation happening around here, an energy that is unsettling, and I don’t know yet where things will fall, but my foundation seems more firm today.  And so I begin.  Not knowing where things will end up, but believing that if I just take action, one thing will lead to another.

And now off to catch up with everything else that did not get done!  :)


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