Prepared for those Winter Blues

I do not do winter well.  I dislike the cold, gray rainyness that comes from winter.  Especially the cold.  So Natalie’s prompt for In the Sun has had me do a list of what I want my winter to be full of.

In thinking about this list, I look at it and feel like I have a ready made shield ready for when the winter blues hit at about the first full week of gray cold blah.

Fires…love fires.  Cosy nice warm fires.  I would possibly have fires in summer if I could, but my beloved has stupid rules about what months you can have fires in and how cold it has to be…perhaps just as well or I would have fires during summer and I would spend art supply money on wood.

Books…love books too, and I have a lot at the moment that I need to sit down and read.  Fiction and non-fiction.  Read and digest my books.  That is on the agenda, as well as not buying anymore books until I have read the ones I have.

Pots of tea.  I love my coffee, but I also love pots of tea, and have a lot of tea, and I can hardly wait on cold days that are miserable to sit in front of the fire, reading with a nice pot of tea beside me.  The smell of some tea is almost the scent of summer as well, so there will be other advantages to brewing a pot of tea.

Art…self-explanatory, I would put that on my summer list as well.  And art is also good for entertaining children who are going crazy at been cooped up away from the cold and rain as well.

Galleries.  I had the foresight to put visiting galleries down on Sebastian’s homework challenge list, and so now we can all visit galleries without any loud complaints from anyone…well at least 6.  Perfect cheap outings for miserable weekends when I most need inspiration.

Stormy seas.  I love the ocean in summer and winter.  Walking along the beach all rugged up after a storm has passed through dumping drift wood from goodness knows where all over the beach, finding sea treasures unburied from the ocean…it is magical.

So my list is ready.  For those days when I want to stay in bed and hide until spring, I am prepared.  :)


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