I love index cards!

I am loving the ICAD series over at Daisy Yellow.  I am not following the prompts, I may if I get completely stuck, but I am just really enjoying playing with absolutely no pressure, kind of.  If a card feels completely messed up I still feel twinges, but I am trying to let it go because it is “only an index card”.

This was a discussion I had with my daughter the other day, discussing her pet caterpillar an whether or not she should put a little bath in the jar so that JJ the caterpillar could wash itself.  That sparked a whole discussion that has me imagining caterpillars in bubble baths wearing shower caps.  :)  I haven’t gotten there yet, but so I don’t forget, I noted it on an index card.  I also wanted to limit myself to just the derwent graphitints on the drawing.  I am not loving these.  The inktense…adoration.  Inky goodness that is like magic when you add water.  The graphitints…I could live without them, but I am trying to use them, so I am not just an art supply hoarder, maybe I should try and find some tutorials on them and I may like them better.

And ICAD 13!  No days left out so far!  (touch wood). This was fluid acrylics, and heavy bodied acrylics and my anatomical heart stamp all smudged (I love that stamp).  I saw the eyes on this so out came my inktense and voila.  A lot of faces are appearing and that is not intentional, will be interesting to see how this series develops as I keep going.


2 thoughts on “I love index cards!

  1. I was wondering if you use Inktense pencils or the sticks? Do you enjoy using them and do you recommend purchasing them? I am a mixed media artist specializing in collages and artists’ books. I have so many supplies already but have seen the Inktense used in videos yet wondered how “great” they were and whether they were a “must have” or would be just an added supply in my art studio that I didn’t wind up using so much. If you have a minute to let me know your thoughts please write me at bkisrael@gmail.com. I would be so grateful. Thanks and thanks for sharing your art and thought on your blog. Love it!

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