Ephemera Adventures.

I have previously discussed Less Herger’s Cult of Stuff series in this post.  In week 2 of the workshop at Less’s Art Journaling Ning, the challenge was to go on an adventure looking for personal ephemera that recorded your life, rather than buying commercial ephemera.  I happened to focus on Queen’s Birthday Weekend and buying the children new underwear, which was madness, and I am always left wondering who are the people hanging out in malls all day???  But…with receipts and tags from said underwear, and my miso cup deconstructed from our sushi lunch, just looking at this page brings me back to that little moment in time.

I even pasted in a scrap of material that I found that must have come home with Victoria from kindy.  Just laid stuff down.  Added some paint and played a bit.  Scratched into ink with my trust bamboo skewer, and it was a perfect end to a rainy day.  And it isn’t scrapbook perfect, but then scrapbook perfect would not describe my life either!  :)

And close up shots follow, because I like I how they came out!


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