Buildings and foundations

This is actually something I have been thinking about for a while, the idea of taking action, and building the life that I want rather than sitting back and letting life happen to me.  And I don’t think it necessarily has to be big outlandish oh my goodness action either.  Just one step in front of the other.  And then before you know it, there is that life you were dreaming about.  But it won’t happen when you are sitting there not doing anything.  It won’t happen when you spend too much time on the internet to achieve not very much.  I am beginning to regard my energy as an investment, and looking at spending my energy wisely where it can reap the most rewards.  Building that life I want.

The journal page is for Effy’s 52 Pages group at Wild Precious Studio.  So much good work is happening over there and the community is so supportive and nurturing.  52 pages is the brain child of Darcy over at Art and Soul and I am loving how everyone’s work is so different.  I am also loving the design that is on my paper towels as you can see in the background of the page!  :)


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