Index card a day…

Tammy over at Daisy Yellow is running Index card a day, for the next three months, write, draw whatever on an index card a day.  One day off a week if you need it and Bob is your uncle.  All you need is Index cards.  I started on the 1st of June, and I even took pretty photos of all my brand new index cards stacked up ready for a post…

But that post didn’t happen.

What did happen was the following cards…a couple very late at night, but every day a card.  Even when we had birthday parties and family dinners and was making a star trek Starship Enterprise cake, an index card got done.

There is paint and charcoal, and pen and doodling without lifting my pen, just playing and experimenting.  I am not getting hung up if things don’t go the way I see them, I am just creating a card a day.  A pleasant way to get through the winter months.  Something to distract me from the cold I hope.

And just because I can, I will end with the star trek Enterprise cake!  :)  You can’t see it in the photos but it glinted in the sun with edible glitter as well…one 16 year old sister very happy!


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