In the Sun??

And another series!  There is Index card a day, 52 weeks and now another series titled In the Sun that is been run by Natalie Malik.  Obviously for me I will be twisting it to Winter (though “In the cold” has very little appeal!), and I do worry I will lose steam, but knowing how badly I do winter, I am hoping the regular distraction will lead me straight to magnolias blossoming… :)

In the interests of following the Cult of Stuff ethos, and more than that, my own aspirations to spend less in general, I am using an old diary and gessoing the pages before I use them.  I bought the diary in 2009 because I loved the cover and paper, and decided to leave it as a desk diary, and transfer from my bag diary and calendar.  Instead I didn’t want to ruin??? it, (and really I am too lazy to be transferring things twice) and so it sat there doing nothing, and then I put it into storage to be used at some stage.  Well that time is now.  No more feeling guilty when I see it sitting in storage!

Here is the cover page I have done…

Very simple with gesso, fluid acrylics, heavy bodied acrylics, ink, sumi ink, and acrylic ink.  And a close up of the texture…just screams gritty winter…

Prompt number two was to describe myself as I am right now, in photo, list or illustration.  I did all three…cause I could. :)

I used my label maker again…yay.  And I used a photo I took last week of myself, and then the painting.  Again a relatively easy page…gesso, acrylics, dymo embosser labels, photo, gel medium, and stabilo marks all.  I seem to be using that pencil a lot at the moment, but don;t know if that is just because it is out within easy reach.  And just at the top and bottom of that picture you can see the cover of this journal and why I fell in love with it and had to have it, despite already having a diary!

The text reads:

I love turquoise, writing with a skewer, fires, long warm autumns, reusing books, label makers.  Sums me up right now!  :)

And already I am behind in the prompts so off to art journal and get caught up!  Yay for Sunday nights.


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