52 Weeks – Acknowledge

Over at Wild Precious, Effy has a 52 pages group going based on the fabulous Darcy‘s prompts.  I am loving that the prompts are pretty open to interpretation.  And I am enjoying the series even if a bit behind :)

This is Week 3…acknowledge.  I love that I got to use my label maker.  I love that contraption.  I know…geek alert, but I am good with that.

The page is pretty simple.  I actually used a photo of myself though, which was a bit nerve wracking.  I am trying to do that a bit more.  The paper under the photo is a piece from a letter that I wrote a while ago and then painted.  I had a bit left over from that project and found it just as I was doing this page, so on it went!  The back ground is three different red acrylic paints, and the border and around the photo is my Stabilo Marks all, and then the marks all and  sumi ink for the little drawing.  I am loving writing with a bamboo skewer at the moment. I seem to be breaking that out all over the place.

The text reads “The sum of me is more than just my bad choices”.  If only I could remember that when I make those bad choices!




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