I had some film (actually a lot of film) around taking up room that I keep meaning to use.  I refound the box when looking for something else today and decided then I would put some on my Index card for today.  So that film was stapled on (with very cool pink staples) and then the card waited for a while until I found the inspiration.  I did have something else in mind for her, but that was not to be today.  I am loving these index cards, and to see what everyone else is doing with them is just inspirational.  They are all so different and I love that.  I will never look at index cards the same way again!  :)

This was some heavy bodied acrylics that I blotted from a journal page, and then the film, staples, ink, and derwent inktense pencils.  And some fluid acrylics as well.  I am trying to keep these quick without thinking too much which is a lesson in itself for a chronic overthinker!


Prepared for those Winter Blues

I do not do winter well.  I dislike the cold, gray rainyness that comes from winter.  Especially the cold.  So Natalie’s prompt for In the Sun has had me do a list of what I want my winter to be full of.

In thinking about this list, I look at it and feel like I have a ready made shield ready for when the winter blues hit at about the first full week of gray cold blah.

Fires…love fires.  Cosy nice warm fires.  I would possibly have fires in summer if I could, but my beloved has stupid rules about what months you can have fires in and how cold it has to be…perhaps just as well or I would have fires during summer and I would spend art supply money on wood.

Books…love books too, and I have a lot at the moment that I need to sit down and read.  Fiction and non-fiction.  Read and digest my books.  That is on the agenda, as well as not buying anymore books until I have read the ones I have.

Pots of tea.  I love my coffee, but I also love pots of tea, and have a lot of tea, and I can hardly wait on cold days that are miserable to sit in front of the fire, reading with a nice pot of tea beside me.  The smell of some tea is almost the scent of summer as well, so there will be other advantages to brewing a pot of tea.

Art…self-explanatory, I would put that on my summer list as well.  And art is also good for entertaining children who are going crazy at been cooped up away from the cold and rain as well.

Galleries.  I had the foresight to put visiting galleries down on Sebastian’s homework challenge list, and so now we can all visit galleries without any loud complaints from anyone…well at least 6.  Perfect cheap outings for miserable weekends when I most need inspiration.

Stormy seas.  I love the ocean in summer and winter.  Walking along the beach all rugged up after a storm has passed through dumping drift wood from goodness knows where all over the beach, finding sea treasures unburied from the ocean…it is magical.

So my list is ready.  For those days when I want to stay in bed and hide until spring, I am prepared.  :)

Buildings and foundations

This is actually something I have been thinking about for a while, the idea of taking action, and building the life that I want rather than sitting back and letting life happen to me.  And I don’t think it necessarily has to be big outlandish oh my goodness action either.  Just one step in front of the other.  And then before you know it, there is that life you were dreaming about.  But it won’t happen when you are sitting there not doing anything.  It won’t happen when you spend too much time on the internet to achieve not very much.  I am beginning to regard my energy as an investment, and looking at spending my energy wisely where it can reap the most rewards.  Building that life I want.

The journal page is for Effy’s 52 Pages group at Wild Precious Studio.  So much good work is happening over there and the community is so supportive and nurturing.  52 pages is the brain child of Darcy over at Art and Soul and I am loving how everyone’s work is so different.  I am also loving the design that is on my paper towels as you can see in the background of the page!  :)

Ephemera Adventures.

I have previously discussed Less Herger’s Cult of Stuff series in this post.  In week 2 of the workshop at Less’s Art Journaling Ning, the challenge was to go on an adventure looking for personal ephemera that recorded your life, rather than buying commercial ephemera.  I happened to focus on Queen’s Birthday Weekend and buying the children new underwear, which was madness, and I am always left wondering who are the people hanging out in malls all day???  But…with receipts and tags from said underwear, and my miso cup deconstructed from our sushi lunch, just looking at this page brings me back to that little moment in time.

I even pasted in a scrap of material that I found that must have come home with Victoria from kindy.  Just laid stuff down.  Added some paint and played a bit.  Scratched into ink with my trust bamboo skewer, and it was a perfect end to a rainy day.  And it isn’t scrapbook perfect, but then scrapbook perfect would not describe my life either!  :)

And close up shots follow, because I like I how they came out!

I love index cards!

I am loving the ICAD series over at Daisy Yellow.  I am not following the prompts, I may if I get completely stuck, but I am just really enjoying playing with absolutely no pressure, kind of.  If a card feels completely messed up I still feel twinges, but I am trying to let it go because it is “only an index card”.

This was a discussion I had with my daughter the other day, discussing her pet caterpillar an whether or not she should put a little bath in the jar so that JJ the caterpillar could wash itself.  That sparked a whole discussion that has me imagining caterpillars in bubble baths wearing shower caps.  :)  I haven’t gotten there yet, but so I don’t forget, I noted it on an index card.  I also wanted to limit myself to just the derwent graphitints on the drawing.  I am not loving these.  The inktense…adoration.  Inky goodness that is like magic when you add water.  The graphitints…I could live without them, but I am trying to use them, so I am not just an art supply hoarder, maybe I should try and find some tutorials on them and I may like them better.

And ICAD 13!  No days left out so far!  (touch wood). This was fluid acrylics, and heavy bodied acrylics and my anatomical heart stamp all smudged (I love that stamp).  I saw the eyes on this so out came my inktense and voila.  A lot of faces are appearing and that is not intentional, will be interesting to see how this series develops as I keep going.

In the Sun??

And another series!  There is Index card a day, 52 weeks and now another series titled In the Sun that is been run by Natalie Malik.  Obviously for me I will be twisting it to Winter (though “In the cold” has very little appeal!), and I do worry I will lose steam, but knowing how badly I do winter, I am hoping the regular distraction will lead me straight to magnolias blossoming… :)

In the interests of following the Cult of Stuff ethos, and more than that, my own aspirations to spend less in general, I am using an old diary and gessoing the pages before I use them.  I bought the diary in 2009 because I loved the cover and paper, and decided to leave it as a desk diary, and transfer from my bag diary and calendar.  Instead I didn’t want to ruin??? it, (and really I am too lazy to be transferring things twice) and so it sat there doing nothing, and then I put it into storage to be used at some stage.  Well that time is now.  No more feeling guilty when I see it sitting in storage!

Here is the cover page I have done…

Very simple with gesso, fluid acrylics, heavy bodied acrylics, ink, sumi ink, and acrylic ink.  And a close up of the texture…just screams gritty winter…

Prompt number two was to describe myself as I am right now, in photo, list or illustration.  I did all three…cause I could. :)

I used my label maker again…yay.  And I used a photo I took last week of myself, and then the painting.  Again a relatively easy page…gesso, acrylics, dymo embosser labels, photo, gel medium, and stabilo marks all.  I seem to be using that pencil a lot at the moment, but don;t know if that is just because it is out within easy reach.  And just at the top and bottom of that picture you can see the cover of this journal and why I fell in love with it and had to have it, despite already having a diary!

The text reads:

I love turquoise, writing with a skewer, fires, long warm autumns, reusing books, label makers.  Sums me up right now!  :)

And already I am behind in the prompts so off to art journal and get caught up!  Yay for Sunday nights.

52 Weeks – Acknowledge

Over at Wild Precious, Effy has a 52 pages group going based on the fabulous Darcy‘s prompts.  I am loving that the prompts are pretty open to interpretation.  And I am enjoying the series even if a bit behind :)

This is Week 3…acknowledge.  I love that I got to use my label maker.  I love that contraption.  I know…geek alert, but I am good with that.

The page is pretty simple.  I actually used a photo of myself though, which was a bit nerve wracking.  I am trying to do that a bit more.  The paper under the photo is a piece from a letter that I wrote a while ago and then painted.  I had a bit left over from that project and found it just as I was doing this page, so on it went!  The back ground is three different red acrylic paints, and the border and around the photo is my Stabilo Marks all, and then the marks all and  sumi ink for the little drawing.  I am loving writing with a bamboo skewer at the moment. I seem to be breaking that out all over the place.

The text reads “The sum of me is more than just my bad choices”.  If only I could remember that when I make those bad choices!