I love art journalling.  Can I say up front I am so glad I found it.  I love paints.  I love arting.  It has become such a part of me.  And that I turn to it, when I am struggling that it has become that important to who I am and how I function…I love that.  Filled with love today clearly! :)

It has been the most amazing autumn around here.  It has started raining the last couple of days but frankly it is a week before winter, and I am feeling blessed that last weekend we were running around in t-shirts.  The weather has been so mild and warm, and incredible.  That as the weather is now cooling down, I am just feeling blessed we have had the sun for as long as we have.

And this is how I am filtering my world.  Embracing and letting through all the things that I choose to.  Recognising that I have the choice.  How I filter the world is absolutely, completely under my control.  Sometimes I do a better job at filtering, than at other times when I let myself get mired in obsessive overthinking and heading down that path to depression that I sometimes feel waiting for me, but the beauty of where I am now is that I see those signs so early.  And I have strategies in place now.  I think back to when I have had my depressive episodes and I cant imagine I will ever spiral down there again.  Letting that go on for months.  Madness.  I am so grateful for my depression for teaching me self awareness.  For helping me to find myself again.

But back to filtering because I am rambling, this week at Darcy’s 52 pages, the prompt was filter, and in writing about what filtering was to me now, I realised how much about this world I filter out now.  How negativity doesn’t get a chance to put roots down anymore.  I filter it, don’t fight it, and then it passes through.  I am loving the prompts (I know I have only done two!!!), and I am fighting that urge to go over to the others and catch up, rather than do them in order over at Wild Precious.  That is a bad habit…the catch up and then burn out and quit.  So I am doing them as they appear on Wild Precious, no skipping ahead.  Note…more rambling.

The fabric over her eyes was wrapped around some flowers I got this week.  It seemed perfect as a filter, and I alleviated my feeling of hoardiness by using it, after I got so excited by the wrapping and stashed it away.  And it was nice to get my prismacolors out again.  They have been in hibernation while I have played with paint.


One thought on “Filter

  1. :)
    I love the fabric that you put over her eyes and i have to laugh very hard at your saying that it helped alleviate your feelings of hoardishness. We all hoard, like crazy we do…
    I am a huge hoarder, seriously.

    And i can’t believe you parted with the fabric. – just kidding.


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