Take time to regenerate

The last couple of months I have been in a type of funk, processing big news and working hard but seeming to not really get very far.  Doing a lot of art journalling, and seeming to be very busy living, but at the same time wondering if you are getting very far.

Yes.  It would appear that while I have been busy and quiet and taking time to regenerate, and playing in my journal, but feeling a bit flat about art…things have been brewing.

There was the exhibition I applied for and was accepted (Oh my gosh!), and I was asked to be interviewed as part of a series on a world famous blog (more on that later when I can talk about it!), and then this morning I was offered a solo exhibition…oh my freaking goodness gosh.  I said yes, and immediately felt terrified, but sure that this was the right thing to do.

And so for two weeks in December I will have my own exhibit at a proper art gallery…my first one.  I am so in love with my life right now.  IN LOVE AND GRATEFUL.

If only I can remember in those times I feel flat to take the time to regenerate and that this is merely a cycle, nothing to worry about.

The art journal page above was done for a prompt over at Wild Precious, where there is a new group just set up following Darcy at Art and Sole and her 52 art journalling prompts.


One thought on “Take time to regenerate

  1. I thought of this in response to your first paragraph, your wonderings about “getting very far.”

    It is a quote by Lao Tzu that I love.

    “Going far means returning.” Lao Tzu.

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